What are the differences between LED and induction street lamps?

Except for LED street lights, induction street lights are also a new choice for the street lights, right? What are their differences?

LED and induction street lamps are different in ways to producing light and adjusting light, and shapes.

  • Generating light: LED lights produce light by the movement of electronic in the P-N structure. Induction street lamps make use of the electromagnetic induction to create light.
  • Adjusting light: LED lights can apply PWM to change the brightness of the light while induction lights control the light by constant current regulation.
  • Shapes: LED lights in the shape of the bulb, while induction lights are circular.

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What Others Are Asking

Are LED streetlights expensive?

LED street lights have so many advantages over HPS street lights, then they must be expensive. I want to know how expensive they are.

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