LED PCB Design

Professional LED PCB Design and Layout Services

MOKOLight is a leading provider of LED PCB design services in China. We deliver a wide variety of custom LED PCBs with multiple layers, high speed and high density.

> All LED printed circuit boards are IPC Class2 or Class3 compliant
> 15+ years of LED PCB design experience
> 7/24 sales & engineering tech support
> Quick-turn service for LED PCB prototyping

Your Premier Provider of LED PCB Design Services

MOKOLight experts in offering fast and reliable LED PCB design services. With our extensive LED knowledge and PCB design experience, we can design different kinds of custom LED PCBs in a variety of substrates including aluminum, FR4 and copper. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as UV light, indoor light, industrial light, LED grow light, aquarium light, street light, traffic light, AC220V driverless LED PCB, RGB LED module, etc.

Thanks to our qualified engineers and excellent customer service, we have helped thousands of customers all over the world bringing their products to market as quickly as possible. We can deliver high-quality LED PCB products at the most competitive prices and make the best LED PCB design solutions for you.

Our LED PCB Materials

Aluminum LED PCB

Due to its good thermal conductivity, aluminum is the most preferred material for LED PCBs. Aluminum LED PCBs can quickly dissipate heat from the circuit board and its components because of the thin layer of conductive dielectric material it contains.


FR-4 is the most cost-effective material for LED PCBs. It is a preferred choice for most manufacturers because it has nearly all the desirable qualities of a good substrate. Due to their low dielectric properties, FR-4 LED PCBs are especially suitable for high-frequency circuits.

Copper LED PCB

Copper LED PCBs are featured with exceptional thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capabilities, but the cost is much higher. They are suitable for high-frequency circuits and complex electronic devices. They maintain dimensional stability and reliability even at high temperatures.

MOKOLight’s LED PCB Design Capabilities

  • Professional design services for various types of PCBs, including single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, rigid, flex, rigid-flex PCB.
  • FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, FR4 Halogen Free, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, Aluminum-based material.
  • HALS/lead-free HALS, Chemical Gold, Chemical tin, Immersion gold surface finish.
  • LED PCBA Prototyping.
  • LED PCBA Manufacturing.
  • Electrical & Functional Testing.
  • All printed circuit boards adhere to IPC Class 2 or Class 3 international PCB standards.
  • Quantities range from prototype to volume production.
Free and Unique Design​

Why Choose MOKOLight for Your LED PCB Projects?

Professional Project Evaluation

Our engineering team will deeply analyze and evaluate each project for you, select the best LED chip, and check your 3D/Gerber file to make the correct decision. If you do not have the corresponding file, you just need to tell us the parameters and application, and we will design your desired LED PCB for you.

LED PCB Project Evaluation

Free design for LEDs PCB

We have a professional R&D team for developing LED PCBs. We can offer free designs for LED PCBs according to your requirements. Our qualified engineers utilize the latest CAD software for LED PCB design and the development time is as short as 1-2days.

Authoritative Certification

We provide professional certification/compliance tests for our clients. We closely collaborate with SGS and UL laboratory and can quickly provide UL, ETL, CE, FCC and RoHS certification based on customer requirements.

MOKO Certifications

Multiple Testing

All our LED PCB products must go through multiple tests before they are brought to you, including E-test, functional test, automatic optical inspection (AOI) and flying probe test.

The Parameters Required for Our Custom LED PCB Design

If you know the part number, pls send part number to us.
If not, pls offer those parameters for us, CCT, CRI, Luminous Flux, current and voltage.

LED PCB Design & Layout Cases



UV395nm LED PCB For Medical LED Light

UV395nm LED PCB For Medical LED Light

LED PCB with Nichia led chip

LED PCB with Nichia led chip



Get Your LED PCB Project Started with MOKOLight

Please get in touch with us for more information about our LED PCB design, assembly and manufacturing services. Click the button below to request a free quote for your custom LED PCB project.

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