Advanced RGB LED Lighting At MokoLight

MokoLight is a professional manufacturer of high-quality RGB LED lights. We have 17+ years of experience in RGB LED manufacturing and always remain positioned at the forefront of the LED revolution. We firmly believe that RGM LED lighting is a leap forward in the light industry, which opens up the possibility to transform your living spaces into unique pieces of functional art.

Entertain Yourself with RGB LED Lighting

Since Edison brought the light bulb into everyday life, the era of lighting has officially arrived. We went from meeting basic lighting needs to pursuing more bright event areas, and now we are looking for decorative and entertaining aspects of light. As an innovative product in the LED field, RGB lights from MokoLight not only provide the advantages of high brightness, low energy costs, and long lifespan of LED lights but also are more humanized, allowing people to customize light colors and intensity that speak to their personality.

RGB LED Lighting Products from MokoLight

MokoLight offers a wide range of LED RGB lighting products, typically RGB neon strips, RGB spot lights, and RGB floods & washers, to meet all of your exact needs in presenting richer color variations.

RGB Neon Strips
RGB Neon Strips
RGB Spot Lights
RGB Spot Lights
RGB Floods & Washers
RGB Floods & Washers

MokoLight's Advantages in RGB LED Lighting

MokoLight values RGB LED lighting because its innovative design and its perfect balance between the practical uses and customized aesthetic value. So RGB LED lights we manufacture all come with less energy costs, much longer lifespan and every color imaginable.


White lights given out from MokoLight’s RGB LED lights are excellent in brightness and clarity, and the soft lights without flickers are closer to natural light and comfortable for your eyes.

Multiple Colors

As a perfect blend of red, green and blue LEDs, MokoLight’s RGB LED lighting offers over 16 million colors to choose from, setting colorful lighting accents to enhance your living space.


Our RGB LED lights easily outperform its counterparts like incandescent bulbs; save up to 90 percent on energy costs, and it can last up to 100,000 hours.

Smart Control

RGB LED lights from MokoLight can be programmed to custom your favorite lighting schemes to suit your moods and for specific situation. If necessary, Arduino could help.

Choose the Ideal RGB LED Lights

Choose the Ideal RGB LED Lights

When choosing to buy light strips, we will easily confuse LED light strips and RGB light strips. They can emit a variety of colors to form a beautiful light show, so how to tell the difference?

RGB light strips are composed of a few LED lighting beams, each containing three chips of red, green, and blue. They can emit red, green, and blue lights independently, or three lights glow together to emit white light. If a controller is added, the colors of red, green, and blue can be changed and flashed sequentially. RGB means a mix of red, green, and blue lighting, but some colors like yellow and pink cannot be realized. However, colorful LED light strips are LED strips with seven different colors of LEDs welded on it, such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple, and brown. That is to say, it belongs to the mixed LED light strips and they are called colorful LED light strips.

LED light strips include RGB light strips, monochromatic light strips and heterogeneous light strips. Monochromatic light strips do not require dimming drivers, while heterogeneous light strips, that is, the colorful LED light strips mentioned above, and RGB light strips all need dimming drivers and to adjust different light effects.

RGB LED lighting is generally decorative and widely used as a supplement to linear lighting and flood lighting, while LED light strips are single linear decorative lighting fixtures.
Therefore, LED light strips are more suitable for light transmission in glass curtain walls, home decoration, exhibition halls, stage lighting, shopping malls, hotels, entertainment venues, advertising decoration industries, etc. However, RGB LED lighting sources are widely used in exterior wall outlines, squares, bridges and rivers, building surfaces, amusement parks, billboards, streets, stages and other places, which can be used to outline architectural outlines and decorate buildings. The scope of application is wider.

Excellent Customer Services for YOU

MokoLight will always work with you from start to finish, to create the perfect lighting products for your project.

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