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MokoLight is always dedicated to creating efficient, healthy and comfortable working conditions for employees and employers. Because of this, we have invested all of the efforts into LED manufacturing for over 17 years. With our professional insights, we offers a wide range of LED office lighting fixtures that are versatile for a variety of applications. We also custom LED lights or accessories to meet your unique office lighting needs.

Improve Your Office Life with Superior LED Lamps

Proper workplace illumination is critical for productivity and frequently effects employee perception, mood, and performance. In comparison to traditional light fixtures like incandescent bulbs, LED office lighting is known for its performance, energy efficiency, and long-term savings. MokoLight, with over a decade of LED knowhows and expertise, offers a wide choice of high-quality office lighting fixtures to accommodate different working spaces and has proven benefits of creating a healthy work environment and increasing employee productivity, in line with human-centric lighting philosophy.

LED Office Lighting Products from MokoLight

MokoLight offers a wide range of LED office lighting products, typically LED open office lighting, meeting room lighting, and reception area lighting, to meet all of the exact requirements for different working spaces or environments.

Open Office Lighting

Open Office Lighting

Meeting Room Lighting

Meeting Room Lighting

Reception Area Lighting

Reception Area Lighting

MokoLight's Advantages in LED Office Lighting

MokoLight attaches greater importance to LED office lighting because it helps create comfortable environment to improve employees productivity, and reduce energy costs over a long period of time. We truly understand its importance so LED office lamps we manufacture all come with natural and soft lighting, zero noise, no glare & flicker, high light efficiency, less emission, and surprisingly affordability while complying with international standards.

Natural Light

LED office lighting fixtures from MokoLight closely mimic the quality of natural light with higher CRI of 95 or above, creating the perfect work environment and improving productivity among employees.

Circadian Rhythm

NASA revealed LED lighting better regulates circadian rhythm and matters a lot in employee productivity and health. LED lights from MokoLight are designed with care, and we value the health and well-being of human being.

Smart Control

With incredible capabilities like scheduling, dimming, and wireless control, MokoLight's LED office lights help reduce the workload of office support workers and streamline management with just one click.

Increased Savings

Our LED office lights offer improved lighting efficacy and save roughly 80% of energy when compared to its counterparts. This translates into significant savings for offices that demand continuous lighting.

Use the Best LED Office Lighting Wisely

Use the Best LED Office Lighting Wisely

The needs for lighting effect and duration in the office setting have increased nowadays. Therefore, LED office lights, with its greater performance and long-term cost-saving advantages, meet more expectations of modern offices, and finally become popular and occupy a share in the office lighting market. Then, how to apply the LED office lights to more applicable working places?

For a single office
Typically an executive’s office, the single-room office represents the style and personality of the corporate culture of the organization in terms of decoration and lighting design. The majority of the talking tasks are completed in this office, where various decisions are also taken for the advancement of the business. When it comes to lighting specifications, the desk must have more light (at least 300lx), and the reception area’s lighting needs to be softer (about 200lx).

For the open collective office
The public office area is a big area that houses the office area and is typically utilized in open office settings like customer service centers and technical offices. Open collective workspaces are often believed to have an illuminance of 200-400 lx. To ensure that every workstation has enough illumination for productive work, all desk surfaces should be completely and uniformly lit.
LED panel lights or LED downlights can be used for the main lighting. Additionally, the lamps must perform better at reducing glare, and the employees should require comfortable lighting. The overall lighting of the office should be planned on both sides of the work area rather than placing lamps directly in front of the work area.

For the reception room
The lounge and reception room’s primary regional purpose is to host business visitors. As a result, the way it is decorated and lit reflects the company’s style, and the initial impression it gives visitors is crucial. The recommended lighting is soft and relaxing, with an average illuminance of 200 to 250 lumens. LED downlights and light strips are essential in this room, and ceiling chandeliers can further improve the design aesthetic.

For the conference room
For participants to take notes and focus, the lighting in the conference room should take the illumination of the conference table into account. According to CIE standards, conference room lighting should be kept between 300-500lx, which is higher than that of an open collective workplace. The positive white light that creates a calming ambiance is typically used for lamp color temperature.
It is advised to use a combination of LED downlights, LED panel lights, and LED light strips with a separate switch design for the conference room’s lighting so that it can not only ensure adequate horizontal illumination on the desktop but also be used even when the lights are off. PPT presentations make it easy for attendees to read meeting materials properly and take notes.

Excellent Customer Services for YOU

MokoLight will always work with you from start to finish, to create the perfect lighting products for your project.

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