Trustworthy Supplier of LED Accessories

MokoLight, with over 16 years of LED industry experience, is currently a wholesale manufacturer of LED accessories for horticultural lighting. We proudly offer the LED housing, brackets, batteries, adapters and so on, to achieve best possible experience for our clients. The LED accessories are incredibly dependable and can securely accommodate any grow lighting equipment because they are manufactured to the greatest quality standards.

First-rated LED Accessories at MokoLight

MokoLight stocks an extensive catalogue of LED accessories, allowing our clients to a virtually endless variety of alternative LED lighting setups for gardening, living and working spaces. Necessary LED grow light components for horicultural lighting system include the LED light housing, hanging brackets, batteries and adapters.

Grow Light Tent


LED Light Housing


Your Best LED Accessories Supplier in China

MokoLight, as a professional manufacturer of LED lights, not only provides different kinds of LED luminaires but also can provide various LED accessories, such as LED housing, hanging brackets and arms, adapters and batteries, to meet your exact needs for plant lighting and to grant you a safe, effective, automatic experience for gardening life. Also, we closely partner with Samsung, Osram, Philips, and MEAN WELL, to ensure high levels of products, bargain prices, the on-time delivery, and take care of all your special and customized needs.

MokoLight will be your LED accessories supplier in China,
thanks to its excellent after-sales service and 24/7 sales and technical support team.

MokoLight's Capabilities of LED Accessories

• The LED adapters from MokoLight only work with electrical equipment that is rated for 220/240V use and the 120V 5-15P IEC male plug contains a 6-15P male plug design.

• MokoLight’s LED batteries allow for 4 levels of dimming 500W, 750W, 825W to 1000W. Its efficiency reaches up to 96%, and come with short circuit protection and over-temperature protection for your use of safety.

• The powder-coated LED hanging brackets or arms, made of at least 2mm/14ga aluminum or steel, accept up to 2”/51mm wide tubing for hanging.

• MokoLight’s LED light housing mounts and secures LEDs in a pre-drilled slot, giving them a neat appearance. A wide range of sizes and styles are served to house different LED types to fit a variety of situations.

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