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MokoLight, as a renowned aquarium lighting manufacturer home and abroad, specializes in LED manufacturing, assembling, and other OEM services for 17+ years. We have always cared for the living creatures underwater and hoped to effectively create a new ecosystem for “newcomers” in your aquarium. Supported by advanced facilities, talented teams, and strong capabilities, we proudly claim to be your first choice for professional aquarium lighting solutions.

LED Aquarium Lights for a Sustainable Ecosystem

Sunlight, air, and water are essential to living creatures. Aquatic life is no exception and lighting always remains the rarest resource they need to build new, healthy and sustainable ecosystems. MokoLight’s LED aquarium lights not only provide sufficient lighting and proper temperature for fish growth and photosynthesis, but more importantly, we take into account the sustainable costs and strive to provide you with the optimal solution for aquatic fun and ecological well-being.

LED Aquarium Lighting Products from MokoLight

MokoLight offers a wide range of LED aquarium lighting products, for example, the spot light, clip-on light and light panel for aquarium uses, to meet all of your exact needs of creating new, safe and sustainable ecosystem for your aquatic life.

LED Spot Light​
LED Spot Light
Clip-on LED Light​
Clip-on LED Light
LED Light Panel ​
LED Light Panel

MokoLight's Advantages in LED Aquarium Lighting

MokoLight LED aquarium lighting has loads of benefits for aquatic ecosystems, regardless of creature species. LED lights for aquariums with right spectrum can be translated into sufficient light output, less temperature variation, and even safer, customized, cost-saving lighting plans, for your beloved underwater world.

Less Heat

LED aquarium lighting from MokoLight runs much cooler than conventional fluorescent and halide lights, less affecting the creatures in your aquarium, yet without sacrificing light intensity.

Custom Dimming

Fully customizable in light intensity, duration and color on a regular basis. The lighting imitates the alternation of day and night, while the colors can enhance ornamental value of the aquarium.

Cost Effective

MokoLight LED aquarium lighting cost no more than its counterparts for its minimal electric consumption. A claimed life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours equates to a much longer lifespan.

Much Safer

LED aquarium lights from MokoLight are still safer than conventional fluorescent, incandescent or halide lights. You don't have any worries about broken traditional light tubes, as they won't produce any harmful gases or filaments.

Use Your LED Aquarium Lights Wisely

Use Your LED Aquarium Lights Wisely

Living organisms depend on sunlight for their growth. Fish outdoors survive on daylight, and for indoors the use of aquarium lights is even more essential. It is not only related to the entire ecological balance of the aquarium, but to the growth and color of fish. Then, how to use aquarium lights reasonably?

The sequence of switching lights
When turning off the lights, turn off the lights of the aquarium first, and then turn off the lights in the room; when turning on the lights, turn on the lights in the room first, and then turn on the lights in the aquarium. Remember not to switch on and off light suddenly, otherwise, the fish will be frightened.

Control the time of aquarium lighting
Excessive light time will affect the fish’s rest and increase the possibility of algal blooms. Under normal circumstances, the daily light is controlled at 8-12 hours a day. If the light time is too short, the growth of the fish will be affected, and the color will become darker.

Turn on the aquarium lights regularly
Lighting equipment must be used regularly so that organisms can form certain conditioned reflexes for photosynthesis and be beneficial to biological growth. When necessary, a smart timer can help.

Use waterproof aquarium lights
Be sure to use waterproof lights for safety but never submerge the light fixture in water. Some aquarium lights with ventilation holes at both ends or the upper part of the holder, but remember not to cover them, or an explosion may occur if the heat dissipation is not in time.

Clean the aquarium lights regularly
If it is not cleaned frequently, too much dust on the lamp tube or socket will affect the brightness of the lamp. Wipe the dust on the lamp tube frequently to reduce the loss of light.
Note: Unplugged before wiping to avoid electric shock.

Excellent Customer Services for YOU

MokoLight will always work with you from start to finish, to create the perfect lighting products for your project.

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