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MokoLight, with more than 17 years of LED industry experience and manufacturing strength, has lead the way to introduce LED lights into the medical field, with the goal of making healthcare lighting better and more affordable than ever before.

Medical Lighting Using LEDs

Performing surgery under dim and hot lights is a test both for doctors and patients. Doctors could be distracted and have trouble concentrating, while patients would be too stressed to cooperate with doctors. Luckily, with the emergence of LED medical lights, the way surgery performed has changed drastically. Now, more and more medical institutions have easier access to brighter, less hot, more accurate-colored, more affordable and more environmentally friendly LED lighting schemes.

LED Medical Lighting Products from MokoLight

MokoLight offers a wide range of LED medical lighting products, typically the surgery lights, minor procedure lights and examination lights, to meet all of your exact needs in hospitals, medical institutions or healthcare facilities.

Surgery Lighting

Surgery Lighting

Procedure Lighting

Procedure Lighting

Exam Lighting

Exam Lighting

MokoLight's Advantages in LED Medical Lighting

MokoLight attaches greater importance to medical lighting because it helps create favourable environment for doctors and facilitate diagnosis, and also soothing environment for patients to their better recovery. So LED medical lights we manufacture all come with optimal illumination, more durability, less emission, surprisingly affordability while complying with hygiene standards.

Brighter Ever

MokoLight’s LED medical lights are brighter, closer to natural light and more accurately and truly reflect the patient's condition, to make diagnoses or perform surgeries.


Our LED medical lights bring no shadows nor flicker, providing the best possible vantage point for doctors while performing surgery, and sparing patients from glaring while lying down.

Cost Efficient

Compared to obsolete lights like incandescent bulbs, MokoLight’s innovative LED medical lights can save up to 80% energy and significantly lower your bills over the years.

Easy Maintenance

Our LED medical lights have a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours; shock and impact resistant; recyclable after use; no mercury polluted, and no electromagnetic interference.

Use the Best LED Medical Lights Wisely

Use the Best LED Medical Lights Wisely

A great medical lighting project often requires a variety of different LED lamps to meet the medical needs of different departments in different areas. Want to have the most suitable lighting arrangement? Then please read on.

Outpatient Clinic
Lighting For the best result of diagnosis and treatment, the illuminance of the LED medical lights should generally be above 300lx, to meet the requirements of the doctor’s observation and writing. The treatment room uses cool light sources with a color rendering index equal to or higher than 80 to help doctors focus on their work. In addition, Venetian blinds should be installed in the consultation room with better natural lighting, and the interior layout should also avoid direct sunlight on important equipment in midsummer.

Exam Room Lighting
The lighting for body examination must in compliance with the standards of a general chemistry laboratory. The color temperature must be first considered, while its color rendering can be tolerated. In the physiological examination room for patients, it is also important to consider how to make the patient feel safe and relaxed due to the pressure of the place.

Surgical Room Lighting
Performing surgeries is intense work that continues for a long time in a relatively narrow place without windows. Therefore, surgical room lighting must figure out how to reduce the fatigue of relevant medical personnel. From the preparation room all way to the surgical room, the lights must be of high illumination, have strong light diffusivity, and come with a light cover to get rid of dust.

Ward Lighting
To avoid glare to patients who are facing upwards, the general illuminance of ward lighting is 100-200lx. For single or double-bed wards, lighting can be installed on the wall at the head of the bed. For a six-bedroom, when the beds are arranged in two rows, the lighting fixtures are mostly set in the center of the room.

Public Space & Office Lighting
Small floodlights can be installed in the service hall with little natural lighting on the side walls of the hall corridor, for the convenience of maintenance. The lighting inside and outside the service windows for registration, charging, laboratory testing, etc. should be bright, for viewing and checking the documents and fees.

Public Walkway Lighting
The public aisles of the ward should have balanced, soft lights, with illumination around 50lx. Meanwhile, footlights should be installed under the door of each ward in the aisle for nurses to patrol at night, and the general lighting can be turned off in the middle of the night.

Excellent Customer Services for YOU

MokoLight will always work with you from start to finish, to create the perfect lighting products for your project.

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