Manufacturer of Spider LED Grow Lights

MokoLight is a famous manufacturer and supplier of high-grade spider LED grow lights in China. We provide a variety of designs for our LED lighting solutions that are suitable for every situation. A 3-year warranty shall be considered with each of our LED products. If you have specific lighting needs, we also accept orders for custom LED lighting fixtures and provide manufacturing and assembling services for LED accessories. Please let us know your needs, and we’ll get right to work.

Reasons to Buy LED Spider Grow Lights

MokoLight offers a large selection of reliable and economical LED spider grow lights with their high lumen output and low power consumption, which greatly surpasses the highest requirements in the market.

Accurate Spectrum

With only the portions of the spectrum that your plants require to survive during both the vegetative and flowering phases, LED spider grow lights deliver more precise lighting and increase cultivation efficiency.

Combined Control

Our LED spider grow lights can be linked together using an integrated controller and then grouped to be operated simultaneously if the appropriate dimmers and controllers are used.

Greater Longevity

MokoLight’s high-power LED chip and reliable MeanWell driver guarantee the long lifespan of our LED spider grow lights. The lifespan is up to 50,000 hours.

Why Order Grow Lights from MokoLight?

Since 2006, MokoLight has been providing cutting-edge lighting solutions to various architects, landscape designers, etc. We have the ability and knowledge to produce cutting-edge LED products. Our commitment to manufacturing high-quality LED grow lights has helped establish a solid reputation as a reliable supplier in China. Even as we specialize in LED lighting fixtures, we can fulfill any possible LED lighting needs in real life.

˙One-Stop Service. MOKOLight is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED grow light bars in China. We can design, produce and assembly LED grow lights for your diverse needs.
˙Premium Products and Services. We concentrate on providing the best products and services. We manufacture and customize the items according to your request. We tailor the spectrum that plants need at different stages of growth. All your needs can be met here.
˙Quality Assurance. We place a high priority on product quality. All our LED grow lights will go through strict tests before delivery, and they have all been approved by UL, ETL, CE, FCC and RoHS certifications.

Customized Grow Lights for Your Particular Needs

One of our distinct competitive advantages is the ability to customize products. To ensure that you receive a product that serves your particular needs, we can tailor the color temperature, beam angle, control type, size, finish, and other factors. To create an experience that is remarkably seamless, hassle-free, and delightful, we personalize each requirement to your particular circumstance.

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