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MokoLight is a leading supplier of smart LED lighting in China. Over the past 17+ years, we have always contributed our part to LED manufacturing and assembly, thus endowing us with sufficient strength, capability, and expertise to bring to the world more functional, more energy-saving, and more convenient smart LED lighting products.

Smart LED Lighting that Adapts to Your Lifestyle

Smart LED lighting is not just “light up”, but more importantly, it speaks highly of the positive effects of lighting, and actively responds to the easily overlooked emotional and biological needs that require more lighting options to fulfill. Also, it shows respect for the diverse pursuit of comfort, convenience, and sustainability of individuals, making it possible for people to custom lighting in their smart homes.

Smart LED Lighting Products from MokoLight

MokoLight offers a wide range of smart LED lighting products, namely the smart LED strips, bulbs and panels, to meet all of your exact needs in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and closets.

Smart LED Bulbs
Smart LED Bulbs
Smart LED Panels
Smart LED Panels
Smart LED Strips
Smart LED Strips

MokoLight’s Privilege of Smart LED Lighting

MokoLight recognizes every unique needs for smart LED lighting, and make our best efforts to create the perfect atmosphere for your living space, energize your work area, explore how color adds ambiance, complements your decor or simply help you save energy and reduce household bills.


From bright white to warm tone options, our smart LED lights offers possibility of use in various scenarios, like full brightness while cooking dinner, or a soft, warm white light for gathering around the dining table to enjoy your culinary creation.

Color Changing

Free to take on any color of rainbow, and add atmosphere to your home. Some of our smart LED lighting support dynamic lighting effects, and even could sync up with certain movies and TV shows for subtly enhanced ambiance.

APP Enabled

Comes with companion app, which means our smart LED lights can be grouped to adjust the brightness and/or color all at once, even creating custom combinations of effects. No more worry about lights in the garage while in bed.

Energy Efficient

Smart LED lights from MokoLight save up to 80% off your energy costs and last up to 20 times longer than an old incandescent bulb. The energy efficiency with long lifespan can be also translated to low maintenance costs.

Choose Smart LED Lights that Suit You Best

Choose Smart LED Lights that Suit You Best

Smart LED light bulbs are an ideal jumping-off point into the world of home automation. Generally, smart LED light bulbs have evolved with the functions of dimming and wireless control, allowing you to experience the convenience of smart homes, without spending too much money or starting construction work. So what factors do we consider when choosing smart LED bulbs?

What is the wattage?
The brightness of an LED is not measured in watts but in lumens. You can take a look at the manual to see if there is a comparison table with the brightness of incandescent lamps. However, in general, an 800-lumen LED equals a 60-watt incandescent, 1100 lumens equals 75 watts, and 1600 lumens equals 100 watts.

Can it be dimmed?
No matter what kind of socket you use, most smart LED bulbs can be dimmed, but for your better experience, you should try to avoid bulbs that require dimmers but directly buy bulbs that can be programmed to control the brightness.

How many colors are there?
LEDs can usually produce a variety of colors and light, including warm white and cool white to mimic the different color temperatures of incandescent bulbs. The color of smart LEDs can generally be adjusted by yourself. The more colors and tones you can create in the program, the more interesting your life will be.

Is it compatible with other smart devices?
You should consider whether the functional light bulbs can only operate independently or can also be integrated into your entire functional home system. Normally, you would rather buy a smart light bulb with at least WiFi, Bluetooth, or ZigBee compatibility.

How long is the warranty?
Smart LED bulbs that come with sensors such as infrared rays are fragile, so the life of the sensor itself is also shorter, and the detection will often become dull after a long period of use. To avoid the above situation, you can pay attention to whether the product has a warranty and its period when purchasing. If you can return or exchange the product, you will feel more at ease.

Are there any extra functions?
Some smart LED bulbs come along with extra features like Bluetooth speakers or security cameras. Some can be used as a WiFi repeater.

Excellent Customer Services for YOU

MokoLight will always work with you from start to finish, to create the perfect lighting products for your project.

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