LED Advertising Lighting From MokoLight

LED light source has the advantages of energy saving, uniform lighting effect, flexible design, high brightness, simple setup and safe use, and has become the mainstream light source of commercial advertising lighting. Therefore, with its 17 years of experience in the LED industry, MokoLight actively applies its expertise and experience, along with its advanced LED technology, and contributes to the development of commercial advertising.

Advertising with LED Light Display

Advertising lights play an irreplaceable role in the field of commercial advertising due to their rich display forms, flexible message transmission, and strong farsighted effect. While retaining their advantages, LED advertising lights, thanks to their high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, simple setup, and long-term uses, stand out among other lighting fixtures and become the first choice for commercial advertisements.

LED Advertising Lighting Products from MokoLight

MokoLight offers a wide range of LED advertising lighting products, typically curtain/grid LED lights, high-power LED side lights, and diffuse reflection LED backlights, to meet all of your exact needs in advertising practices and marketing scenarios.

RGB Neon Strips

RGB Neon Strips

RGB Spot Lights

RGB Spot Lights

RGB Floods & Washers

RGB Floods & Washers

MokoLight's Advantages in LED Advertising Lighting

MokoLight attaches greater importance to advertising lighting because it helps strengthen the publicity effects of the commercial advertising. We see its importance, so LED advertising lights we manufacture all come with high lighting efficiency, low power consumption, easy installment and low maintenance costs, to satisfy all your imaginations about LED advertising lights.

Lower Consumption

LED advertising lights from MokoLight consume 80% less energy than fluorescent lights, and result in more intense lighting and keep your electricity bills low.

Greater Endurance

LED lights last for about 35,000 to 50,000 hours, and do not require much maintenance. Also, LED lights can absorb impact, while fluorescent lights are relatively fragile.

More Eco-friendly

LED advertising lights contain no mercury or other harmful metals; lower emissions bring a lower carbon footprint without sacrificing the quality and output of your advertising efforts.

Higher Versatility

LED lights usually adopts sleek look, takes up little space and leave more space for people flow, and other purposes. The thin design is also perfect for a modern, classy aesthetic.

Choose the Best LED Advertising Lights

Choose the Best LED Advertising Lights

Nowadays, with the fiercer advertising competition, LED light advertising boxes, with their flexible display forms and dazzling effects, have played a decisive role, and to grab the attention of their customers, and facilitate conversion rates. Yet, how can we purchase reliable LED advertising lights?

1. Find a professional LED manufacturer.
When purchasing LED advertising lights, you must find a professional and reliable LED manufacturer or supplier like MokoLight, and never be too obsessed with low prices. However, the LED advertising lights manufactured by small workshops may not meet the due standards in terms of materials and workmanship, and will either malfunction or lead to safety accidents when frequently used in the later period.

2. Choose products that pass the quality standard.
The workmanship of LED lamps. The LED lamp products produced by large factories will be more refined than those produced by small workshops. The shell materials produced by large factories are generally flame-retardant materials, while small workshops are made of plastic.

Whether the welding of the lamp bead is smooth and secure. If the automatic welding technology is used in large batches, the welding will generally be relatively smooth, while manual welding in small batches will generally have serious burrs, and it is easy to result in false welding.
Whether the heat dissipation goes well. LED lamps are very sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is too high, its service life will be significantly reduced. The qualified LED lights generally use aluminum sheets to dissipate heat, with their effects depending on whether the aluminum sheets are large enough.

3. After-sales service is very critical.
The perfect after-sales service system can solve all the troubles after payment, and can get proper handling and effective help in the process of installation, use, and maintenance of LED advertising lights.

Excellent Customer Services for YOU

MokoLight will always work with you from start to finish, to create the perfect lighting products for your project.

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