MokoLight: Professional LED PCB Design Services

MOKOLight is a leading provider of LED PCB design services in China. We experts in offering fast and reliable LED PCB design services, and also deliver custom LED PCBs with multiple layers, high speed and high density, thanks to our extensive LED knowledge and PCB design experience. Jetzt, MokoLight has helped thousands of customers all over the world bringing their products to market as quickly as possible. We can deliver high-quality LED PCB products at the most competitive prices and make the best LED PCB design solutions for you.

Warum MokoLight wählen??

Mit seinen hochwertigen Materialien, Fortgeschrittene Technologie, schnelle Lieferung und bequemer Service, MokoLight sticht unter anderen Beleuchtungsunternehmen hervor, und bringt seinen Kunden stets jede Menge überraschende Vorteile.

Accurate Project Evaluation

With or without 3D/Gerber files, our engineering team will hear your needs, select the proper parameters and evaluate each project, to effectively help make the correct decision.

Free design for LED PCBs

Supported by our professional R&D-Team, we offer free designs for LED PCBs based on your requirements. The time for LED PCB design is as fast as 1-2 Tage.

Authoritative Certification

We provide compliance tests for our clients. We closely work with SGS and UL and can quickly provide UL, ETL, CE, FCC and RoHS certification based on customer requirements.

Multiple Testing

All our LED PCB products must go through multiple tests before delivery, including E-test, functional test, automatic optical inspection and flying probe test.

LED PCB Design & Layout Cases

MokoLight provides a wide range of LED PCB designs and layout schemes based on the realistic needs of our clients. AC220V LED PCB, UV395NM LED PCB, Nichia LED PCB and 5050 RGB LED PCB are our products recognized by most of our customers.



Nichia LED PCB


MOKOLight’s LED PCB Design Capabilities

• Professional design services for various types of PCBs, including single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, rigid, flex, rigid-flex PCB.
• FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, FR4 Halogen Free, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG, Aluminum-based material.
• HALS/lead-free HALS, Chemical Gold, Chemical tin, Immersion gold surface finish.
• LED PCBA Prototyping.
• LED PCBA Manufacturing.
• Electrical & Functional Testing.
• All printed circuit boards adhere to IPC Class 2 or Class 3 international PCB standards.
• Quantities range from prototype to volume production.

Schauen Sie sich unseren EASY-Prozess an

Simple and efficient operation process is a very important consideration in OEM service. MokoLight hat mehr als verwendet 17 Jahrelange Zeit, um den Arbeitsablauf kontinuierlich zu optimieren und Erfahrungen in der Kundenkommunikation zu sammeln, um Ihnen zu helfen, das LED-Projekt schnell voranzutreiben.

Free Consultation & Design

Geben Sie uns die Details Ihres LED-Projekts für eine kostenlose Beratung oder die Machbarkeitsbewertung des Projekts. Außerdem geben wir Tipps, wie Sie Ihre Kosten senken können.

Quality & Quick Sampling

Das Qualitätsmuster wird schnell entworfen, produced and delievered to you within several days, for your finally comfirmation before mass production.

Herstellung in großen Mengen

Mit 7 Produktionsmontagelinien, 5 SMT-Linien und 3 DIP-Montagelinien, und mehr als 350 erfahrene Arbeiter, MokoLight creates the exact LED lights you request.

Packaging & Fast Delivery

Nach der Herstellung, Alle LED-Leuchten werden einer Prüfung unterzogen 100% Produktqualitätskontrolle und 5-stufiger Produktqualitätsprozess 20 Tage, um sicherzustellen, dass wir das Beste geben.

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