What kind of batteries are used in solar street lights?

I only heard about the lithium battery for solar street lights, but it seems that they are very expensive. Are there other kinds of batteries?

The most popular batteries for solar street lights include lead-acid battery, colloid battery, Lithium-iron phosphate battery, and Ternary lithium battery.

  • Lead-acid battery: The lead-acid battery contains lead, lead dioxide, and dilute sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction among them discharges electricity. They have a relatively high conversion rate and a low price and are therefore popular.
  • Colloid battery: The colloid battery applies gelated electrolyte, which makes the storage of electricity more stable and safer.
  • Lithium-iron phosphate battery: The movement of the lithium ions and electrons in the battery provides energy. It has a long lifespan, and the chemical reaction is safe.
  • Ternary lithium battery: This battery makes use of the material that contains Ni, Co, and Mn. It is cheaper than a lithium-ion battery and can resist low temperatures.

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