Outdoor LED Lights: What Are The Most Popular Types?

Outdoor LED Lights What Are The Most Popular Types

Besides LED street lights, there are many other different types of outdoor LED lights. These lights can meet people’s requirements for public places, gardens, roads, and so on. The light source they use is generally LED, as through centuries of development, LED has obtained outstanding performance in terms of light efficiency, heat emission, service life, etc. Getting to know these many types of outdoor lights will help you figure out what kinds of lights you need in a second. Read this brief introduction to outdoor LED lights, and you will definitely be more professional in choosing the right light!

LED street lights

Roads connect one place to another and construct a whole network for the city. When the night comes, lighting becomes indispensable for the roads to function normally. Before, people used HPS street lights, which use high voltage to activate the inert gases to produce light. In this way, they can identify the shape of the objects on the roads. But HPS lights have many weaknesses that cannot be ignored. For example, the low CRI makes the light unable to reflect the original look of the objects; Its light efficiency is too low; And its way to work is not safe enough. Therefore, LED is becoming more and more popular.

LEDs have a high efficiency and barely produce any heat, which not only saves on costs but also prolongs their lifespan. Common LED street lights consist of the light head, the pole, and the base. And the light head includes the LED module, optical lens, driver, and the case. To guarantee the quality of LED street lights, we need to make sure these components are of high quality. As for the placement of the lights, there are various distribution patterns, and we should consider the type of roads as well.

String lights

When the holidays arrive, no one will forget to use the string lights. For families, these lights are needed in the garden, on the Christmas trees, and at any special places. For shopkeepers, string lights are an ideal choice to decorate their stores and attract customers. String lights are cheap and flexible, and everyone can take advantage of them. LED string lights emit little heat, ensuring safety while using them. There are lights of different lengths, shapes, and colors that you can choose from. Besides, the lights can also support smart control, providing various light effects under the control of controllers, switches, and sensors.

String lights

Garden lights

In your garden, maybe you don’t need a light as bright as the street light. To create an aesthetic atmosphere, diverse types of garden lights are widely used. The garden lights have many classifications, including low street lights, lawn lamps, wall lights, spotlights for the plants, buried lights, strip lights, column lamps, etc. As outdoor garden lights usually work for long hours, most of them use LED lights to reduce the consumption of electricity. To save more energy, now solar lights become a popular choice for those who want to light up their gardens.

Outdoor flood lights

A floodlight is a lamp that can provide sufficient light in all directions. Its irradiation range is relatively large and can be adjusted to illuminate the entire scene. The material of the floodlight body is aluminum alloy die-casting. The light source uses a high-power LED to obtain clear vision. And the mask adopts toughened glass with a thickness of 5 mm. An anti-corrosion silicone rubber sealing strip with good light transmission is used to seal the floodlight. Both internal and external wiring must comply with national or international standards so as to assure the high performance of different parts. Floodlights are suitable for lighting up billboards, stadiums, parking lots, exterior walls, etc. At some of these places, flood lights work at high mast lights for more coverage of illumination.

Porch lights

Porch lights outside people’s houses are necessary to keep thieves away and let you know clearly who is at the front door. LED lights are best as porch lights because of their high efficiency and high CRI. When working for a long time, LEDs can save a lot of energy. Besides making your front door safer, the light can also become a sign to welcome your guests. There are also porch lights of different colors that send different messages. Normally, you don’t need to leave them on for the whole night. Some of the porch lights are equipped with motion sensors, making them more energy-efficient.

What to look for when choosing outdoor LED lights?

We have already discussed about how to choose LED street lights, and the following three factors are the most important for common outdoor lights.

IP rating

As the outdoor LED lights work outside, they must perform well in resisting the harsh weather. If water comes into the interior space of the light, it is very likely to cause a fault in the light. Therefore, IP rating is one index that we must look for when choosing outdoor lights. The IP rating indicates the light’s ability to prevent dust and water. The bigger the value, the better. Usually, the IP rating of LED lights should reach IP 65.

street lights in the rain

Heat dissipation

Outdoor lights have to withstand long exposure to the sun. Besides, they will also emit heat while working. That is why heat dissipation is so important. First of all, you should choose LED lights because they emit less heat than other light sources. Then, it is the case that matters for heat dissipation. Usually, the case applies to stretched and die-cast aluminum. For heat dissipation, stretched aluminum performs better, but die-cast aluminum has a better appearance.

Long service life

The installation of the outdoor lights is more complex than the indoor ones, so it will be convenient to choose a light that can last for a long time and needs little maintenance. The lifespan is partly related to the ability of heat dissipation, as high temperatures will do damage to the light. Choose LED lights which have relatively long service life and choose from a reliable manufacturers. They use first-class components, which are essential for the light to last for a long time.


The above are some of the most popular outdoor lights in our lives. Different lights have different applications, but the common thing about them is that you will always need high-quality ones to ensure their performance. Mokolight produces top-notch LED outdoor lights whose materials are from the best suppliers like SUMSANG and OSRAM. For more than 17 years, we have striven to improve our equipment and apply the most advanced technology. Nowadays, in our 12,400-square-meter factory, we are able to manufacture 30,000+ products every month. Contact us now, and you will find the best outdoor LED lights at a competitive price!

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Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures
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