What types of street lamps are there?

In my country, there are HPS, LED, and solar street lights. What are their pros and cons? Are there other types of street lights?

There are incandescent, low pressure sodium, high pressure sodium, low pressure mercury, high pressure mercury, metal halide, and LED street lights.

  • Incandescent street lights: They are used in the earlier centuries, but because of the high energy consumption, people don’t use them anymore.
  • Low and high pressure sodium street lights: Low and high pressure sodium lights stimulate the sodium vapor to emit light. They have a relatively high efficiency and low CRI.
  • Low and high pressure mercury street lights: Similar to sodium street lights, the mercury vapor in them emits light. Low and high pressure mercury street lights are cheap, but will cause pollution.
  • Metal halide street lights: These lights have higher CRI, but the metal halide is unstable.
  • LED street lights: Many countries are changing their lights into LED ones because they have a high efficiency and CRI.

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How can street lights be smart?

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How to illuminate the street with temporary lighting?

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