Development Stage And Color Temperature Control of LED Road Light

Development stage and color temperature control of LED road light

With the development of technology, the characteristics of LEDs are gradually being explored. The advantages of LEDs, such as energy-saving and long life, occupy this pivotal position in lighting tools, and gradually replace other lights, becoming more and more important. Public lighting lamps need to work for a long time, so the advantage of a long life of LED street lamps becomes obvious, which makes LED road light gradually replace traditional light source products in the public lighting field. LED continues to develop, and some drawbacks are gradually resolved.

LED light development stage

The development of of LED road light is divided into several stages. These stages record the development process of LED lights. Below we discuss these development stages:

LED light trial stage

The LED light trial stage is the early stage development of LED road light. At this stage, the LED technology is still in its infancy. The main advantages are long life and high luminous efficiency. However, the expensive materials and imperfect technology of LED lights at this stage lead to high LED prices, poor heat dissipation, and a series of myths. Mainly used in shopping malls, this kind of lighting has long working hours and low power, which perfectly takes advantage of LEDs. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, long lifespan means relatively low cost and low maintenance costs. Therefore, in the early stages of LED development, products with long lifespans are often relatively expensive and easier to be accepted by the market, especially those that take a long time.

LED road lights in the utility model stage

At the practical stage, LED lights have been recognized and accepted by some markets. LED lighting products featuring environmental protection, small size, and reliability are gradually emerging. Then a series of LED lighting products are completely different from traditional light source products in many ways. The lighting industry will have a larger and broader development space. Its wide variety is more suitable for people’s role in work and life. Then, many solar street lamp manufacturers take advantage of design and application and have competitive means.

Intelligent control stage of LED road light

At this stage of the development of of LED road light, product design and manufacturing processes have become quite mature, and products and related solutions can be provided. The LED lighting industry is developing towards automation and intelligence. The intelligent development of LED road light has improved the service level and brought convenience to people’s lives. Intelligent LED lights from homes to office buildings, from roads to tunnels, from auxiliary lighting to active lighting, bring convenience to our lives in all aspects.

LED color temperature control

Methods to produce white light

White LED is not a monochromatic light, and there is no white light in the visible light spectrum. According to the research on visible light, the white light that human eyes can see can be produced by mixing two or more kinds of light.

  1. Use blue LED to irradiate yellow phosphor to excite yellow light, and yellow light complements blue light to produce white light. However, the phosphor conversion efficiency used in this method is low, and the color rendering index is not ideal.
  2. Use ultraviolet light to excite the three primary color phosphors to produce multi-color light, and then mix it into white light. This method is better than the first color rendering, but because the phosphors are mostly sulfides, the luminescence stability is poor and the light decay is greater.
  3. Three primary color LEDs form white light: this method is to combine the green, red, and blue LED chips, energize at the same time, and then mix the emitted green, red, and blue light into white light in a certain proportion. The method of directly encapsulating the three-color LED into a white light LED has the best overall performance of white light. Under the premise of high color rendering index, the white light lumen efficiency is also very high. But this method is slightly more expensive.

Changing color temperature

LED bulbs are obviously already the mainstream of market lighting. So how is the color temperature of the LED controlled?

LED color temperature is to change the ratio of different lights. Increase the red light, the color temperature becomes warmer, and increase the blue light, the color temperature becomes colder. Adjust the brightness, change the current flowing through the LED, the larger the current, the brighter. Otherwise, it will be darker.

Nowadays, light source products with dynamically adjustable LED color temperatures appear on the market. Their principle is to realize the adjustment of color temperature by changing the ratio of different light as mentioned at the beginning. Using different color LED combinations, such as a combination of white light and red and blue LEDs, by separately controlling the drive currents of white, red, and blue LEDs, tunable white light with a color rendering index greater than 90 in different color temperature ranges can be realized. A lamp with adjustable color temperature and high color rendering has a high cost due to the complicated driving circuit.


Lighting has become an important part of our lives. Without lighting, people’s lives will not be so colorful. As a new type of lighting, LED lighting has many advantages that are constantly being discovered and utilized, gradually replacing other lighting products in people’s lives. LED road lights are gradually replacing other products with highways, streets, and tunnels. These LED lights reduce resource consumption and improve people’s quality of life. MOKOLight has been developing LED lights for many years and firmly believes that products of Mokolight can change people’s lives.

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Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
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