How Often to Water Your Succulents?

I am not sure when to water my succulent. I don’t want to water them too much.

Both insufficient and excessive watering might harm your plants. The succulents still need to be watered during the summer by watering them whenever the soil is dry, even if you are using grow lights to mimic the sunlight. Even though succulents are grown indoors, conditions vary over the winter. Since they are either growing very slowly or not at all during the winter when they are dormant, succulents need far less water.

I’d suggest watering them every two weeks in general. But if the room is warm, you’ll need to water them more frequently because the heat will make them dry out more quickly. You can determine how frequently succulents require watering during the winter by looking at the soil in which they are grown. To avoid overwatering, let succulents for about a week to absorb the water before you water them again after letting the soil totally dry out.

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