COB LED Grow Lights: The Ultimate Guide

COB LED Grow Lights: The Ultimate Guide

COB LED grow lights are the latest, cutting-edge development in grow light design. They utilize advanced Chip-on-Board (COB) technology, providing higher efficiency and light intensity. So should you switch to COB LEDs for plant cultivation?

In this post, we will walk you through everything you should know about COB LED grow lights to help you make a sound decision on whether it’s worthwhile to switch to COB LEDs.

What Is COB LED Grow Lights?

What Is COB LED Grow Lights?

Recently, there has been a shift in LED grow light technology from using surface mounted diode LEDs (SMD) to chip-on-board (COB) technology. In the traditional SMD approach, individual diodes are mounted separately on the surface, functioning as separate light sources even when placed close together.

COB technology involves mounting many tiny LEDs directly onto a substrate in close proximity, creating LED arrays. This arrangement forms one single module, effectively functioning as one large LED chip. This results in an even light spread and a uniform light source. The key feature that sets COB LED grow lamps apart is this integrated LED array.

By constructing the LEDs in this manner, COB LEDs reduce the number of components required to make the light. Moreover, this design maximizes the number of LEDs that can be placed on the circuit board, leading to improved overall performance.

Another advantage of COB LEDs is that they emit light in all directions (180 degrees). SMD LEDs, however, typically emit light at specific narrow angles.

Why Choose COB LED Grow Lights Instead of SMDs?

Why Choose COB LED Grow Lights Instead of SMDs?

While SMDs are widely prevalent in the LED grow light market, COBs have emerged as a compelling alternative with several advantages. Both SMDs and COBs offer similar features, including a broad light spectral spectrum, extended lifespan, and efficient light output. However, COBs possess some key winning points over SMDs.

More Focused Light

The dense arrangement of LED chips in a smaller area, combined with the support of a reflector, results in a concentrated and intense light output. By utilizing a reflector, COB LED grow lights can achieve a stronger and more vibrant light intensity compared with conventional LED grow lights and other types of lighting. This significantly contributes to your flowering plants like cannabis.

Less Heat

COB LED grow lights have a simpler design with fewer components, thus producing less heat compared with other types of lights. Additionally, the use of materials such as aluminum, copper, or ceramic substrates further dissipates the heat in COB LEDs. These materials act as effective heat conductors, especially when combined with an external heat sink. As a result, the heat generated by the COB LEDs is efficiently transferred and dissipated, reducing the risk of heat damage to both the LED grow lights themselves and the plants they are illuminating.

More Reliable

COBs have a notably lower failure rate compared with SMDs. This is primarily due to their ability to produce less heat during operation. As COBs are directly attached to the substrate, they require minimal welding. This further reduces the risk of potential failures in the lighting system.

Compact Size

COB grow lights are designed with a reduced number of components and tightly packed LED technology, allowing them to occupy less space in your grow room compared with other grow lights. Despite their compact design, COB grow lights can deliver the same level of output and performance as larger, more space-consuming alternatives. This space-efficient characteristic makes COB grow lights an attractive choice for growers who want to maximize their grow room’s available area while maintaining high-quality and effective lighting for their plants.

Great Spectrum for Plants

COBs come in various colors, but the most commonly used ones for plant cultivation are warm white and cool white. Many fixtures utilize a combination of both warm white and cool white COBs to create an excellent and balanced spectrum of light for plants.

Great Spectrum for Humans

The white light not only provides a more visually natural environment but also makes it easier for growers to detect any potential issues in the plant’s appearance.

Better Light Spread

COBs are typically spaced at considerable distances on larger fixtures, resulting in a more even coverage of the plants below. This even distribution of light ensures that the plants receive uniform illumination from multiple points rather than having the light spread out from a single central point, as is the case with smaller light fixtures.

Longer Lifespan

COB lights typically have a lifespan ranging from 30,000 to 60,000 hours, which may vary depending on the manufacturer’s materials and construction.


COB LED grow lights offer higher power efficiency per input watt.

What Are the Disadvantages Of COB LED Grow Lights?

What Are the Disadvantages Of COB LED Grow Lights?

Less Versatility

SMD LEDs can have multiple diodes on a single chip with various colors, allowing for color mixing and adjustable light output. Unlike SMDs, COB LEDs typically have many diodes but only accommodate two contacts and one circuit. This limitation means that COB LEDs may produce a single color wavelength and lack the color mixing capabilities seen in SMD LED lights.

If you desire a light with mostly red and blue diodes, COBs may not be suitable for your needs. Currently, COBs are available in limited colors, with white and pink being the most popular options, especially for growing applications.

Impact of Failures on Light Output

One possible drawback of COB LEDs is that if a COB fails on the fixture, it can lead to a significant loss of light output since COBs have multiple diodes grouped together. On the other hand, with SMD LEDs, losing one diode may not have a major impact on the overall output.

Final Thoughts

If you desire high-intensity lights without occupying much space or lights with deeper penetration, COBs fit you most. Finding high-quality yet affordable LED products, especially COB LEDs, can be challenging nowadays. Fortunately, you can count on us, we offer excellent COB LEDs. At MokoLight, COBs feature top-notch LEDs and feature a reliable driver, ensuring durability and performance.

MokoLight COB LEDs stand out from other lights due to our unique features, such as dimmable light output and a full spectrum of wavelengths. This guarantees superior light output for your plant growth over an extended period. COBs we produce come with a reassuring 3-year warranty. Many online customers have given positive reviews about our COBs. Don’t hesitate and contact us.

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