How LED Grow Lights Promote Cannabis Growth


Nowadays, the growth of cannabis is more and more inseparable from LED grow lights. LEDs can provide efficient light for the growth of cannabis. LED grow lights have high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, and low heat. After customized adjustment, LEDs can also emit light of specific wavelengths, so that plants can more fully perform photosynthesis. These characteristics make LED grow lights not only more and more in cannabis cultivation. Generally, in the indoor planting of other plants, LED has gradually replaced other plant grow lights.

An Overview of Cannabis

As an annual herb, cannabis, in addition to a particularly important attribute that people know, also has more uses. For example, it is a raw material for fiber products, clothing, ropes, sails, grease, paper, and medical supplies. A lot of medicinal value. Therefore, in addition to large-scale cannabis cultivation for the development of the textile industry, there are also greenhouses to explore the use of hemp in other ways.

The Use of Cannabis in Medicine

It has been discovered very early that marijuana can alleviate human pain and is good medicine for pain relief, especially in ancient times when medical technology was scarce. Basically, marijuana was used for various painful diseases. With the development of technology, more analgesics are found, and there are more alternatives to cannabis, but cannabis has a good inhibitory effect on multiple sclerosis (MS) and adverse reactions to chemotherapy. At the same time, we must also be alert to some side effects of the overuse of marijuana. Overuse of marijuana can become addictive, affect the healthy operation of the brain, and may cause neuroendocrine disorders, muscle cramps, and memory loss. Therefore, countries are relatively conservative in the legalization of cannabis medical use, and most of its use is still carried out in laboratories and has not been widely used. Medical research on marijuana is still going on, and new use effects are also being discovered. These have greatly contributed to the legalization of marijuana. Related scientists and doctors are promoting the legalization of marijuana. Whether marijuana can finally be legalized for medical use, the government and medical institutions will give a reasonable plan, and the reasonable use of marijuana will reduce the pain for many patients.

The Use of Hemp in the Textile Industry

Cannabis cultivation, the bast fiber of this annual herb is also one of the earliest varieties used as textile fibers. It can be used as a raw material for fiber products, clothing, ropes, sails, grease, paper, and medical supplies, but in a traditional sense, hemp has always been regarded as a fiber that can be used to make ropes. Until recently, the process of improving the fineness of hemp fibers has been developed, and the comfort of hemp has been truly discovered.

Cannabis Growth Cycle

Under natural conditions, cannabis is generally sown in spring, and the cultivation of cannabis in indoor environments has little to do with the season. The growth environment of hemp seeds is about 5 centimeters deep in the soil and the soil temperature is above 8°C. After the hemp seedlings grow up, use an LED plant grow light to irradiate them to promote their rooting. Do not over-irrigate. Too much water will rot the roots of the hemp seedlings. According to the difference in the morphology of female and male seedlings, male seedlings can be selected to remove female seedlings when setting seedlings to improve fiber quality. The female seedlings are selected for the hemp field. The suitable temperature for the growth of hemp is 19-23℃. The average growth of hemp plants is 3-5 cm per day, and it can reach about 10 cm at the peak of growth. At this time, it can tolerate atmospheric drought but not soil drought, so continuous irrigation is usually started 1 month after emergence to keep the maximum water holding capacity of the soil at about 80%. Combining irrigation with early application and reapplication of quick-acting fertilizers can promote stem growth. The seedling density varies with local cultivation methods. Generally, early-maturing varieties retain 80,000-150,000 seedlings per mu, and late-maturing varieties 30,000-50,000.

The Needs of Light for Cannabis Growth

Cannabis is very sensitive to light. Cannabis likes strong light, and the sunshine time of cannabis should not be too long. Is it important to adjust the grow light when growing indoor cannabis? Too long or insufficient light will affect the growth rate and quality of cannabis. The growth of cannabis requires strong light, so when planting in a greenhouse, pay attention to the light transmittance, light intensity, and light time in the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse, you can choose plant lights to fill the cannabis light, but you should pay attention to the power of the plant lights when choosing the fill light. The powerful plant lights can meet the light requirements of cannabis growth. If the temperature in the large shed is high, the water vapor is high, and the shed needs to be watered by spraying, then the selected plant light should also be waterproof. The high power of the plant lamp may lead to an increase in heat generation, so it is better to have heat dissipation facilities for the plant lamp, which can extend the service life of the plant lamp.

When choosing a supplementary light, you can consider the LED plant supplementary light. After a long period of development and research, the LED plant light has clear data that can show that it can have a good supplementary light effect on vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It is used in greenhouses. It can be used in laboratories and plant factories. Therefore, when choosing a fill light for cannabis, you can choose a high-power LED plant light for lighting, which can have a good fill light effect.

LED Grow Lights for Cannabis Growth

The need for light in each stage of hemp growth makes it different. For the rapid and healthy growth of cannabis, the location of the light source is very important. The grower should constantly adjust the position of the light source according to the growth state of the cannabis. The power of the LED growth lamp is an important factor in its set position. The initial position of the LED growth lamp is determined according to the power, and the subsequent position is adjusted according to the growth state. Constantly adjust the position to keep the cannabis under the best light conditions, so that the growth of cannabis will be smooth and the quality of cannabis is also very high.

Seedling Period

The seedling stage is the initial stage of cannabis growth. At this time, the stems and leaves of cannabis are not as fragile as the seedling stage, but the leaves are not as strong as the growth period. It is the beginning period of the rapid growth of cannabis. Move the light source closer to the position of the cannabis. Properly intensified illumination is conducive to the growth of cannabis, but the leaves should not be too close. After all, the leaves and stems are not strong enough at this time and are easy to burn.

Vegetative Period

The vegetative period is the period of the rapid growth of cannabis. At this time, the cannabis gradually matures and the leaf development is completed. The cannabis can receive strong light and perform photosynthesis. Cannabis needs to accumulate substances quickly to accelerate its growth. The LED plant light should be adjusted to a position closer to the cannabis so that the cannabis will receive better light, greater light intensity, and the stems and roots will grow vigorously. The healthy growth of stems and roots is an important factor in improving the quality of cannabis. During the vegetative period, cannabis grows quickly, and growers should strengthen observation to ensure that cannabis can be obtained without reducing the quality of cannabis due to excessive or insufficient light.

Flowering Period

Cannabis enters the flowering period, and the demand for light is not so great. This is the last stage of the cannabis growth cycle. At this time, the cannabis fruit will grow, and the growth of other parts will be relatively stagnant. Too much light may not be conducive to the results of cannabis. Material needs are also not big, and photosynthesis will also weaken. At this time, the grower gradually increased the height of LED grow lights. Although the demand for light in cannabis is weakened at this stage, light is still a necessary factor for flowering and fruiting, so LED grows lights should not be too far away from cannabis.

Adverse Effects of Too Much Light

The growth of cannabis requires a lot of light, especially during the vegetative period, it responds well to strong light, but the cannabis plant is very fragile and afraid of heat. When the light is too strong and emits too much heat, marijuana will show signs of “fever”. Even if the LED grow light is a light source with small heat, growers often observe and record when using it. When marijuana grows abnormally, adjust the position of the growth lamp in time. The ideal shape of cannabis is a slender plant. Too close to the growth lamp is not conducive to the growth of a slender plant. Therefore, when cannabis grows rapidly, the light source should be removed in time.

The leaves of marijuana will show signs of burns when the light is strong, which is also called “bleaching”. When it is found that the leaves of marijuana close to the light are yellow or whitish, and the rest is still green, the marijuana has been burned by the strong light at this time, and the position of the light source should be adjusted in time to keep it away from the marijuana.

Effects of Light on Marijuana Morphology

Adjusting the position of the light source and the intensity of the light received by the cannabis. Reasonable adjustments make cannabis grow faster, healthier, and more evenly. Growers hope that cannabis can get the best harvest in the shortest time, and reasonable cannabis exposure is the key factor. The light not only affects the growth state of hemp but also the shape of hemp. To quickly produce high-quality cannabis indoors, the position of the light source needs to be changed from time to time.


I talked about a lot of techniques for using LED grow lights when growing hemp, but more importantly, choosing the right light source. Without a good and high-quality light source, all efforts will turn into foam. MOKOLight LED grow light is a good choice for growing lights.

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Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
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