High Mast Lights: All You Need to Know

High Mast Lights All You Need to Know

You must have been to the square near your home, in the center of which stand one or more lights that are very tall and different from the common street lights. That is called the high mast lights. Except for squares, you can also find them at stations, docks, stadiums, and other places that cover a large area. High mast lights provide sufficient light for the special needs of these places. How does it work? What are its other advantages? You will find everything about high-mast lights in this passage!

What are high mast lights?

High mast lights are a type of light that is over 15 meters tall. It consists of a pole usually made of steel, a combined lamp holder, and high-power LED lights. It is different from the LED street lights in height, application areas, LED lights, etc. The most common types of high mast lights are 15, 18, 20, 25, and 30-meter-high. There are two types of lamp holders: one is lifting, and the other is non-lifting. Operators can control the lifting one, and then the lamp holder will go down for convenient repair. The pole is in a pyramidal shape and has gone through hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment inside and out.

High Mast Lights

What is the difference between floodlights and high mast lights?

Floodlights can be used in high mast lights, and there is only one type of floodlight. Besides flood lights, high mast lighting can also make use of spotlights. Flood lights generate diffuse light, so they will project light in all directions and light up the whole area. As for spotlights, they can concentrate the light in a certain direction to achieve accurate lighting.

What are the benefits of high mast lights?


Because of their height, high mast lights are usually equipped with high-power LED lights. With these lights, they can illuminate certain areas over ten or more meters. Another reason for their brightness is that they will never be blocked by trees or buildings. This brightness guarantees the safety of drivers and passersby.

Broad illumination area

Just like the street lights, the higher they are, the wider the roads they can light up. The high mast light can be as high as 15 meters or even higher, so it is very suitable for illuminating large areas like expressways, squares, etc.

Easy maintenance

Those lifting high mast lights make regular maintenance quite easy. The light holders can be controlled manually or automatically. They can go down to 2.5 meters above the ground. When manually controlling the light holders, the operators can make use of the 10-meter-long lead-out wire of the manual remote control device. In this way, they can manage to control the light from 5 meters away to prevent accidents.

High Mast Lights maintenance

Improving the quality of air

The lighting of the high mast light can be arranged according to population distribution and wind direction at night, which plays a role in mobilizing the air flow in the city. It can also apply intelligent weather control technology in the hot summer period to effectively improve the air quality of urban areas.

High quality

High mast lights are products of high quality. On the one hand, they use LED lights and steamless steel poles, which ensure their long service life. On the other hand, these LED lights produce a high CRI and a good optical diffusion effect, making the light clear, soft, and not dazzling.

How many watts are high mast lights?

Before deciding the power of high mast lights, you should know how tall your high mast lights should be. Like the height of street lights, it depends on the area of the place. For example, for airports and ports with an area of at least 10,000 square meters, the height of the light should be 25-30 meters. As for squares or road crosses that cover an area less than 5000 square meters, their height should be 15-20 meters.

If the lights are as tall as 25-30 meters, there should be at least 10 LED lights, each with a power of more than 400 W. For lights with a height of 15-20 meters, they need more than six lights with a power of more than 200 W. If the place has higher requirements for brightness, you can apply LED lights with higher power.

Design of high mast lights

Explosion-proof system

There are explosion-proof electrical control and protection devices in the control box at the bottom of the lights. Besides, they also have lighting controllers and motor controllers. The traction cable provides power. A special plug-in with a locking device connects the explosion-proof electrical control box and the lighting cable.

Pulley and hook system

The pulley system consists of three sets of pulley arms arranged at an angle of 120 degrees. They are fixed to a bracket on the top of the light. The well-crafted components of this system include:

  1. Special bearings that can be lubricated for a lifetime
  2. Unloading devices for the lamp panels to automatically lock and fall off: When the lamp panel rises to the predetermined position, the hook moves relative to the unloading device under the traction of the wire rope so as to achieve the purpose of locking and unloading.
  3. A pulley made of a polymer, non-metallic insulating material that will do no harm to the cable and other equipment
  4. A device to stop the wire rope from slipping out of the guide wheel


Designers of the high mast light avoid sharp corners and edges to reduce the electric field intensity of lightning. In addition, there are lightning protection needles or iron caps at the top and bottom of the high mast light. In this way, the light can avoid damage during thunderstorms.


High-mast lights are products with brighter light that can cover a larger area. One key reason for its powerful lighting is its LED lights. High-quality LED lights help prolong the service life and generate suitable light. You can find these kinds of LED lights at Mokolight. For more than 17 years, numerous top-notch LED lights have been produced in our factory, which covers an area of 12,400 m2. Each month, Moko is able to deliver over 30,000 products to its customers. What’s more, these products are strictly tested and certified by BSCI, UL, etc. It is definitely a wise choice to choose the LED lights of Mokolight for your high mast lights!

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Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
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