What Is LED Street Light

What is led street light


What is LED street light?

LED street light refer to street lights made of LED lights. Compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights have the characteristics of energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, long life, and high color rendering index. So they are the first choice for road lighting in the future.

Current applications

With the serious greenhouse effect, the earth’s temperature is gradually increasing. Therefore, reducing carbon dioxide emissions is the common goal of mankind and the primary consideration for energy conservation and environmental protection. Road lighting is an important part of urban lighting, and it is also an important tool to improve people’s nightlife quality. Traditional high-pressure sodium lamps generate large amounts of heat and low photoelectric conversion. A large amount of electrical energy is converted into internal energy, which is a huge waste of resources. Because LEDs have the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental protection, LED street lamps are of great significance to energy-saving lighting in cities, and LEDs are the preferred lamps to replace traditional street lamps.

Road lighting is closely related to people’s production and life. With the development of society, people’s requirements for road lighting are becoming higher and higher. LED street lights are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly but also emit light with good color rendering. These characteristics make it Stand out in the competition of street lights. LED street lights are gradually integrating into people’s lives and changing our lives. They are the best choice for street lights in the future.

LED street light features

LED street lights are generally high-power LED lights, most of which use a low-voltage DC power supply. The blue light produced by the GaN photoelectric effect and the yellow light produced by the phosphor form white light. This white light has high color rendering. Because its power supply is low-voltage direct current, the internal energy of electric energy transfer is small, the electric energy loss is small, energy-saving and environmental protection. The LED lamp has strong plasticity and can be suitable for various shapes of shells. The outer cover can be PC tube. This material is resistant to high temperature and low temperature.

The LED is a semiconductor PN Structure, and the semiconductor working current of the PN result is low, so the current of Microsoft can make the LED light up. When the voltage exceeds a certain value, the PN structure opens, and the electrons in the P area break through the limit and rush to the N area. After the electrons diffuse into the active area, a photoelectric effect will happen, which converts electrical energy into light energy.

Advantages of LED street lights


  1. High-power LED street lights to have significant energy-saving effects. Compared with traditional street lights, they can save more than 60% of energy. The maintenance cost of LED street lights is relatively low, and the life span is long, so they can recover the cost in about 6 years.
  2. The composition of the light is simple, and the refractive index of the light will not be too different to cause diffuse reflection, waste light energy, and ensure light efficiency.
  3. The LED street lamp has strong plasticity, and manufacturers can apply secondary light design to control the illumination range in an appropriate one, which reduces the waste of light energy and improves the illumination effect.
  4. The color rendering of LED street lights is good. The color rendering of traditional street lights has only 23 effects, while the color rendering of LED street lights is as high as 75%. Compared with traditional street lights, objects illuminated by LED lights look more real and fresher, while LED street lights have better vision and safer driving.
  5. LED light decay is not as obvious as that of ordinary street lights. Traditional ones can have a more than 30% decay per year, while the light decay of LED street light is less than 3% a year.
  6. LED street lights can be installed with complex automatic control devices, can be automated development on the LED PCB, can be split light control, timing control lights, maximize the use of light energy, will reduce power consumption and save energy.
  7. The LED working voltage is low, the low voltage is relatively safe, and it can reduce power loss.
  8. The LED street lamp has a small component unit, and can form into different shapes according to the needs of various environments.
  9. The lifespan of the LED lamp is much higher than that of the traditional lamp, and the LED can work for more than 10 years under the condition that the power supply works well.
  10. High light efficiency, LED photoelectric effect conversion is high, the same power street lamp, the LED lamp can produce more lumens.
  11. The installation is simple, the LED installation only needs a better lamp head, no need to organize and debug other equipment.
  12. It produces less heat. Compared with other traditional street lamps, LED produces less heat. Compared with other street lamps, it is better to adapt to the summer environment.
  13. The light color is uniform, and the light color of the LED street lamp is uniform. There is no need to add a filter like the traditional street lamp to ensure the uniform light color.
  14. LED does not contain harmful metals such as mercury, and its materials are less harmful to the environment, and will not cause great harm after being discard.

Disadvantages of LED street lights


  1. The power of a single LED is low, so the light intensity is limited. To obtain greater light intensity, multiple LEDs must be used in parallel, which increases the difficulty and cost of production.
  2. The LED light is consist of blue and yellow light. The color rendering is weaker than that of the incandescent lamp. The color under the LED illumination is not so real, but it is much better than the high-pressure sodium lamp. There are ways to solve this problem, but it will increase the cost.
  3. The defects of the LED lamp manufacturing process and the error of the reflection ring are easy to produce light spots. This “imperial power” affects the lighting effect of the street lamp.
  4. The intensity of the LED light is relatively concentrated and not uniform enough. So it is necessary to carry out the secondary optical design of the LED light to make the LED light illuminate a large range and illuminate more uniformly.
  5. The problem of LED light decay, high-power LED lamps to have low luminous decay, but high-power LED lamps have a large amount of heat, and low-power LEDs have large luminous decay and low heat. Luminous decay and heat generation are trade-off issues, and the environment must be considered comprehensively. condition.
  6. The high-power LED street lighting effect is relatively low. Unlike the high-pressure sodium lamp, the luminous efficiency of the LED lamp will increase with the increase of power. The LED luminous efficiency is still a long way from the theoretical value.

Points to note when buying LED street lights

Luminous efficiency

High-power LED street lights can meet all the normal needs of street lights. The commonly used high-power LEDs are 50-60LM/W. The luminous efficiency of LED lamps is different because of the different materials, processes, and chip usage. The higher the luminous efficiency of the LED lamp, the better the performance and the better the energy-saving effect. Luminous efficiency is an important criterion for the purchase of LED lamps. Under the same conditions, LED street lamps should be chosen with relatively high luminous efficiency.

Light decay

LEDs with more efficient power decay more severely. Usually, street lights are formed by multiple LEDs in parallel. Some manufacturers will save costs in the future and use 0.5W LEDs. This LED has serious decay and short life. Street lights need to work for a long time. This kind of light is not suitable for street lights. When buying street lights, you need to look at the power of the effective LED lights of the unit of the street lights. The light decay effect of the LED above 30W is very good. When buying, choose the one above 30W.


The manufacturing process and composition of LED street lights are better than traditional street lights, so they can be lighter. If the weight of the street lamp is too large, it is inconvenient to install, and the requirements for the street lamp holder are relatively high, the falling of the lamp cap may cause some accidents. Therefore, when choosing a street lamp, choose a light head with a small weight. Many LED manufacturers are already reducing the weight of the lamp holder, the weight of the lamp holder is below 10 kg, and the trend of weight reduction continues.

Heat dissipation

Although LED lights generate relatively little heat, high-power LED street lights have a longer working time and high power, and there will still be a lot of heat accumulation. If the heat cannot be dissipated in time, the high temperature will cause the aging of the internal materials of the LED lights. Reduce the service life of the LED. The useful life of LED lamps with good heat dissipation is generally much better than that of LED lamps with poor heat dissipation.

Height of LED street lights

According to different application areas, the height of the pole will be different. As for wider roads, they need higher poles and brighter LED lights to light up more areas.

LED related standards

  1. GB/T191 packaging, storage, and transportation mark (GB/T191—2008, ISO780: 1997, MOD).
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  4. 5-2005 street lighting safety standard GB7000.5-2005, IEC60598-1-3: 2002, IDT).
  5. GB/T9468 standard for measuring light uniformity of lamps and lanterns.
  6. 1 EMC value and harmonic current emission value standard (equipment input current per phase≤16A).
  7. GB/T17626.5 electromagnetic compatibility and anti-electromagnetic interference standards.
  8. GB17743 anti-radio disturbance standard for electrical lighting equipment (GB17743-2007, CISPR15: 2005, IDT).
  9. 1 light control part general requirements and safety requirements standards (GB19510.1-2004, IEC61347-1: 2003, IDT).
  10. CJJ45—2006 Urban Road Lighting Design Standard.
  11. SJ/T11364 pollution control standard for electronic information products.
  12. IEC60838-2-2 LED module connector standard.
  13. IEC61347-2-13 LED module control device safety standard.
  14. IEC62031 LED module safety standard for general lighting
  15. IEC62471 photobiological safety standards for lamps and lamp systems


With the development of the times and technology, LED street lights will gradually replace traditional street lights. However, LED street lights are still difficult to replace high-pressure sodium lamps in some aspects. There are still many technical difficulties to be overcome to completely replace high-pressure sodium lamps. It is also very important to find a good LED street lamp manufacturer. MOKOLight is one original LED Light manufacturer. Covering an area of more than 8000m², our factory witnesses more than 300 skilled workers controlling and supervising the whole production schedule. They find the glitches before they become problems, and carry out 100% testing on the products before packaging and shipping. MOKOLight could be your reliable supplier, and keep improving our products and service to meet your requirements.

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Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
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