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We are MOKOlight, an LED smart light manufacturing company uniquely offering steady automated light, for instance, manufacturing industries like original equipment and original design. With such a level of expertise, you can be sure definitely, that MOKOLIGHT BRAND can offer you bright competitive lighting for different market needs. We ultimately deploy new generation LED intelligent lights through our resilient research and development team, making our clients be one step ahead of our opponents in the existing market structure.
MOKOlight focuses on business partnerships. If you are professional and passionate about lighting, MOKOLIGHT offers you a reliable service delivery in China. At Mokolight, we are simply the best!

What We Do for Your Smart Light Project

Project Consultation

Our Engineers probe the entire product customization through open-ended consultation and discussion with the respective departments.

Industrial Design

Our specialist offer suitable and reliable electronics that suits the demands and wants of our consumers. Furthermore, we offer free consultation through our expert engineers. Using the desired Computer-Aided Design technology, we can manipulate the prototype to get a quality product with high interoperability features. We design the best models for our clients.

Mould Developing

The presented equipment is molded into the desired 3D or 2D shape and made within the first thirty days. The final product is then deployed to our client in the next three weeks phase of approval.

Hardware & Firmware Design

Our team is highly skilled and trained in printing circuit boards and computer hardware for machinery. The whole process aims to connect automated lighting systems in the desired shapes. Our team is well specialized and skilled in IoT.

Software Developing

With an experience of more than ten years, the MOKOlight Research and Development team, comprising of 70 Technicians, oversees the whole process of the software development life cycle to design and implement the system according to the customer’s specifications. We develop an API, and an interactive UNIX-based Software Development Kit for our clients, helping them connect to the server.

Joint Debugging

We do overall functions of debugging and product stability testing.


Our experts design a prototype using a 3-dimensional printer and computerized numerical control machines. The selection is then delivered upon your confirmation within a week.

In House Manufacturing

MOKO is ISO 9001 certified, upload and Interprocess communication registered and self-service product automation brand. Our team is highly specialized and trained in the entire production of specific components until they become desired modules. Quality service delivery is our critical principalities and protocols as our team is dedicated to meet the required legal, technical, ethical, and time constraints and ensure our product is deployed upon the set timelines. We involve our customers reviewing the modules and giving out specifications and reviews on upgrade recommendations upon deployment.

Smart Light Guide

With the rapid changes in technology, the human life aspect has encountered significant improvements. These systematic changes in technology have conveyed the usage of smart light. Smart light bars lights up our offices and home in an attractive and smart manner.

LED smart lights can be controlled straightforwardly by means of wireless technology. As the lights are automated, the user does not have to hold them manually. This makes smart lights very different from regular ones. The user can use mobile devices or remotes to control smart lights seamlessly. Once you install smart light bars at your home, they create a color effect and brilliant lighting that add a superb setting in the surrounding environs.

Using smart light bars is very easy. You can use a remote control or a smartphone application to regulate the amount of light that suits you. Smart lights can also be used to trigger personalized scenes, enabling lights to switch on and off automatically as you desire. This is one of the shrewdest and dazzling techniques to light up your home.

Imagine when you are under the blankets on a cold night, and you want to switch the lights off. Worry no more! Mokolight has made life more comfortable and straightforward. Thanks to modern LED technology, you can purchase led smart lights from our company at a reasonable price. Mokolight smart lights enable you to turn your lights on and off using your smartphone easily. What are you waiting for?

Types of Smart Light

Types of LED Smart Light

There are several types of smart lights, and they include;

  1. Lights with motion sensors
  2. led light bars
  3. Smart light bulbs
  4. Hub-connected smart lights

You can use regular light holders to utilize the Wi-fi smart light bulbs. All you need is only to pair the smart bars with the surrounding Wi-Fi connection. From there, you can use a remote or hub to manage your lights. You can set as many smart bars as possible.

Methods of controlling your LED Smart Lighting

Advantageously, with smart Light, one can schedule time for sipping a cocktail on the beach. Currently, the assumption is that you have decided that smart lights can make your life easy and safer. The big interrogation would be on how to regulate the lights when the smart LED lights are installed. Surprisingly, we will take you through the five unique methods of taking control over smart lights so that you can begin your business with a bit input as possible.

Methods of controlling your LED Smart Lighting
  • Traditional Switch
  • Mobile Phone
  • Keypad
  • Seven Hugs Smart Remote
  • Voice Activation

How safe are the LED smart lights? Are they dangerous to your health?

Currently, LED lights have dominated the lighting industry because they have become standard light technology. However, in other areas, they are the only option of CFL lighting and incandescent options because they become phase-out.

LEDs have a high duration period, are more efficient in utilizing energy, and are environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they have a less harmful effect on both the environment and human being

Toxicity and electricity concern about LEDs is generally superior when compared with fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. Furthermore, the government promote LEDs and only encourages people to buy the LED to prevent electricity risks such as shocks and fire.

LED light has a minimal harmful effect; however it is safe, has less risk, and emit less heat in the ecosystem. Therefore, this article discourse the health impact that comes from LED lights, specifically the’ blue light’ as it similar to flicker and LED spectrum that reduces in LED lights.

Do red Light facts affect at night?

Sleep women with red Bluetooth LED light

For instance, red Light can affect your brain by causing short-term memory; reduce overall performance and alertness. Therefore, red light facts cause sleep inertia causing a groggy feeling, which lingers after a person wakes up.

In 2019, a study Trusted source proved that inertia, which saturates red light that enters the eye through closed eyelids; if the level does not suppress melatonin, it can reduce sleep inertia waking up.

The colors to avoid at nighttime?

Research shows that some lights distract a person’s circadian rhythm compared to others. However, any light that bright enough can distract your sleep.

Indeed, Light is a powerful entity in the daytime; for instance, it alerts a person when they wake up. Blue Light is a good thing during the day, but blue Light causes one to lose sleep and stay awake during the night. Blue Light can stop the brain from generating more melatonin; thus, it becomes difficult to sleep.

Some Blue Light waves emerge from the sun, in the form of:

Bluetooth LED light waves emerge from the sun

– Luminous lights

– LED lights

– Televisions

– Tablets and cell phone

– Computer monitors

– Electronic screens, like gaming machines

When you want to sleep, cautiously avoid bright and blue time some minutes before getting to bed.

For instance, you can turn off electronic devices 30 minutes before going to bed, like tablets, laptops, TV, and phones. Similarly, one can reduce the brightness of the bulbs and dim them in the evening when the sunsets.

In what way does light distract your sleep?

Sleep has different characteristics and reactions. It is commonly believed that rest has about four to six sleep cycles, and each of them lasts from 70 to 120 minutes. Thus, the sleep cycle contains multiple sleep steps, including non-REM sleep and rapid eye movement (REM).

Much Light exposes at nighttime can reduce the quality of sleep and obstruct alteration between sleep cycles. Excess Light can cause repeated sleep interruption and awakening.

How Smart Light Works

Once you install and set up the smart bulbs correctly, controlling the light is effortless and straightforward. You can use native apps or smart home control devices like Alexa and Google Home to control these smart bulbs.

How LED smart light works

Additionally, for the LED smart bulbs to function wirelessly, a smart home hub is compulsory. These smart hubs use communication approaches like Bluetooth smart light, Wi-Fi smart light, Z-Wave smart light, or Zigbee smart lights. The hub is connected to the users’ mobile device, tablet, or PC. As technology is changing promptly, you may soon find a new market version that works without the additional components.

LED smart light bars can be paired and controlled with what you want, whether it’s an application, a smart home hub, or a bridge. Features of these smart lights are;

  1. The lights can be dimmed easily.
  2. You can set the brightness of light as you prefer.
  3. It is easy to form groups with Smartlightstrips, and at the same time, turning them on and off is easy too.
  4. You can determine the light to turn off and the ones to be left on.
  5. You can voice control smart led lights.
  6. Energy saving,long life time, low heating,safe and durable.

Smart technology has made lighting an easy task with its customized settings. With no doubts, this is a fantastic way of making your lights work with just a snap of a finger.

What you should be aware of before purchasing a LED Smart Light for Home

As we have covered all what LED smart light entail, we will also list some valuable tips. Now that we have covered almost every feature of LED Smart light bars, let’s quickly list some useful guidelines that can assist you to choose the finest when purchasing.

  1. First, consider the main drive of the smart light barsand the location you aim to install it, whether living room or any corner at home,factory,stores or even outdoors areas.
  2. Think about the required wattage required. For instance, use higher wattage in a place where you want a brighter light, like in living rooms. Mokolight has smart light bars that have a brightness range of 2500K to 6000K.
  3. Check if the smart light bars you have installed can create an ambient effect and if the LED smart lights can automatically change the color of the light.
  4. Check the compatibility and connectivity of your smart light bars with the hub.

Lastly, check the price of the smart lights you intend to buy.

Hub vs. Hubless

Hub bulb must have certain brands that select the hardware and have an access point that connects all the smart bulbs. Also, the hardware is made in such a way that the bulb turns on whenever it accesses a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, all smart hub bulbs interact with the hub, smart home devices like Alexa and Google assistant, or controlled using a bridge application.

On the other hand, hubless bulbs have an intrinsic Wi-Fi aptitude, and they are controlled using native applications with no bridges. Hubless bulbs are the most preferred over the hub ones as most users do not anticipate spending on a distinct bridge.

White vs. Color-Changing

When the body is exposed to white LED bulb lights, it releases melatonin 5 more times than when exposed to color-changing lights. Increased melatonin in the body causes a disruption in our biological clock and other serious health complications.

Make Smart Lights Smarter

A little effort and time are essential when switching out a light bulb. It is important to make significant improvements by how you interact with your home. We will look at the several customs you apply to make your smart lights smarter. Follow these steps even though you aren’t ready to set up smart light at home. These tips can assist you in making the most out of what is already available at home.

  1. Swap up the existing light bulbswith LED smart light bulbs
  2. Set up light bulbs that are color changing
  3. Use smart light switches to control your lights
  4. Pay some attention to the layer of your lights

Can Smart light bars Work Via Bluetooth?

LED smart light bar work via Bluetooth

We will first look at the most common ways you can connect smart light to their applications. This will help us to know if smart light bars can effectively work via Bluetooth. Rather than Wi-Fi, a hub is also required in some smart bulbs for them to work. The hubs connect the bars and the phone and use a Wi-Fi connection for communication to take place.

Most notably, Philips Hue bulbs do not need a hub for them to function. They have Bluetooth that enhances easy operations. So it is true, smart light bars can work really well using Bluetooth. Also, it is not only Philip Hue that has Bluetooth smart light bars, many other companies have them too.

Can You Use Bluetooth to Control Multiple Smart Lights?

Control Multiple LED smart light with Bluetooth

Mokolight has special dedicated applications that control smart light bars using Bluetooth LED light. When setting up the light bars for the first time, it is essential to be right next to the light fixture so you can see if the light bars are relay signals appropriately.

Some applications automatically pair with the LED smart light right after detecting them. Most applications can only connect not more than 10 light bars when connected through Bluetooth. Also, you can connect all the smart lights and connect them in one room as a group. You can use Bluetooth LED light bar settings to switch all the lights in your set simultaneously. Bluetooth can still be used to control all lights in a room remotely. As Bluetooth light has several lights they can connect, it is crucial to be close to each light so that you can easily control the lights.

Can Smart Light Hubs Work Without a Wi-Fi Network?

LED smart light hubs work without a Wi-Fi network

Manufacturers have designed Wi-Fi LED light hubs as a strategy of increasing the functionality of the bulbs. Hubs do not work whenever there is no internet. When the internet is unstable, the lights keep on turning on, off, and then dim. Nevertheless, some features that add functionality like moods, timers, and schedules may be unavailable.

For the hub to work adequately, a local Wi-Fi connection must be available and stable. This enhances the protocol of communication between the lights and the hub. The hub stops communicating with the light bars when the local Wi-Fi connection is down or when the router is not working well.

It is impossible to control your Wi-Fi smart light bars while away from home when the light is not connected to the Wi-Fi network. When the light strips are connected via Bluetooth to the hub and not connected to Wi-Fi, you can control the light while away from home, but the hub must in turn, be connected to the local Wi-Fi network.

Can Wi-Fi Slow Down when it connects Multiple Smart light bars?

Wi-Fi connects Multiple smart light bars

It is quicker to control smart light bars when you are close, as that is when they have a better connection. The connection is low when the user controls the lights from a different room or when far away. Moreover, installing smart bars, fixtures, and lamps in corners of a room affects their response to the smart applications.

When too many smart bars are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi speed slows down dramatically. Slow Wi-Fi can only be improved by using a whole-home mesh or by investing in Wi-Fi extenders. To be precise, it is you can connect 200 devices on some Wi-Fi routers, although that is not a good idea to execute.

Smart LED lights are economical as they do not run using a strong bandwidth, and they do not send or receive videos through the network to your light bars. When connected, the smart light stop using the bandwidth. It accesses the Wi-Fi router only when you direct the light signal to turn on or off, change the color, or when the smart light is on automation mode.

Why are Smart Lights Expensive?

Getting to know how much smart lights costs and how to acquire them can be a tedious task. Smart lights are indeed quite pricey, but it usually turn off numerous potential buyers. Due to these overwhelming prices, most buyers prefer using our light bars, or they stick to the not-so-smart incandescent option.

Top reasons as to why smart lights are expensive includes;

  1. They shine brighter and use less energy
  2. They make a boundless add-on to the system of security
  3. Most of them operates using a special hub
  4. They are simple to operate as they are remotely controlled using applications
  5. They can be dimmed
  6. Smart lights can glow using multiple colors

Are Light Bulbs and Smart Light Bar A Fire Hazard?

LED smart light Control vegetable growth

All lights are potential to fire hazards. Nonetheless, smart LED lights transform more than 90 percent of their energy into heat rather than light. Smart LED lights pose a smaller fire risk as they use a low voltage and the light bulbs are efficient; hence they do not overheat.

Controlling light in your home is now an easy task. You do not have to worry about a potential fire hazard anymore. Smart lights are game-changers, but the user must know well how to use them.

Smart bulbs vs. Smart switch

Smart bulbs vs. Smart switch

It is complex and a bit expensive to turn your abode into a smart home. Some products are cheap, and they make it easy to kick things off for those new in the smart home game. Smart light bulbs and smart speakers are the popular entry points. They both are friendly to apartments, and they need a minimal setup. On the other hand, although it is great to invest in smart switches, they are a bit more complex.

Advantages to buying smart light switches

Below are the advantages of using smart light switches.

  1. Smart light switches can easily be controlled using an application or smart speakers.
  2. Smart light switches save money as one smart light switch can easily control many lights.
  3. Smart light bulbs eliminate the problem of the traditional wall switches where you cannot control them when off.

Any type of sockets and lighting can apply to smart light switches.

The downside to Smart Light Switches

  1. Smart light switches are expensive to install; hence the user cannot set them up in rentals not unless your landlord permits you.
  2. Smart light switches aren’t idyllic in older homes as they require a neutral wire when installing them.
  3. The role of smart light switches is only to control the lights on and off. For multiple colors to function efficiently, the user must have both a smart bulb and a smart switch.

What makes Smart LED light?

The LED technology is used to make all smart lights. Small diodes made up of semi-conductors are plastered inside the smart LED bulbs. They have special electrons that eliminate light. It has two layers, one full of electrons and one void. This electron count difference in these layers enables electrons to flow from the layer with excess electrons to the depleted layer. This enables the smart LED bulbs to produce light via the diodes of electronic excitation.

In the manufacturing process, some impurities are added to the semi-conductors as the material that makes these semiconductors are incapable of conducting their own enough electricity. The process is known as doping. Electrical wires are then added to power the diodes. The quality of light-emitting diodes is enhanced by the impurities added to the system.

Finally, the diodes are covered with plastic enhancements and not glass materials like conventional bulbs. This makes the diodes durable, long-lasting, and provides the required finishing.

How to set up a Smart LED light the Right Way?

As many manufactures make smart bulbs and smart lighting systems, they have minor differences when setting them, although the main strategies of setting them up are more or less the same. Setting up the LED smart bulb has an easy do-it-yourself procedure. Follow the guidelines highlighted below when setting up a smart LED bulb.

Step 1: Before buying, first make a decision on the model, make, and type of the smart bulbs you wish to purchase

Step 2: Fix your Smart Bulbs into the light fixtures

Step 3: Connect your Smart Bulbs to a network

Step 4: Use Home Smart devices to add your Smart Bulb

Do Smart Light Bulbs stay safe for long?

Honestly, it is unpredictable to identify how long a bulb a build can remain in a safe state before it becomes unsafe. However, the durability and lifespan of a bulb depend on its quality, ambient temperature, and quality. The traditional type of bulb has a more harmful effect on the ecosystem compared to the LED lights.

However, the conformist types of bulbs generate heat. Uniquely, the energy produced by a luminous kind of bulbs can be 10% light and 90% heat. Therefore, a bright bulb generates much heat, and the more there are on, the more they generate much heat.

Some bulbs overheat and become hazardous as they have a high probability of destroying their internal components and can cause an unexpected fire.

Earnestly, the risk can be more severe if the build has less air circulation or enclosed fixtures or a higher watt is inserted in a lower Light bulb feature. Consequently, people should switch off conventional lighting bulbs if they are not in use and should not lights for an extended period.

Through modern modification of lighting bulbs, LED bulbs are more remarkable and faster than before. Nanoscale science states that LED Light bulbs are approximately 90% efficient at converting energy to light, and therefore, 10% of power will be converted to heat. Additionally, only the modern technological LEDs contain heat sinks that draw away excess heat from the lighting bulb.

Contrary to traditional bulbs, when a LED bulb overheats, it just dims instead of destroying internal components light other bulb types. Finally, it is clear that LED bulbs are safer than any other bulb and have prolonged durability.

Can Smart LED Lights be active 24/7? Reason to stop practicing it!

Sincerely speaking, LED lights can remain behind 24/7. Nevertheless, if LED Lights are not being used, it would lead to waste resources and time.

For instance, for a light bar to generate light energy, it first requires energy from a power plant. People believe that nonrenewable plant only emits gases that cause a greenhouse effect that pollute the air; however, people forget that plants also cause water pollution. Research shows that leaving a bar lighting can cause severe light pollution, which distracts the ecosystem and the surrounding, thus, deterring astronomical research

Statistical research reveals that 5% of the total energy consumed in a single household goes to lighting only. Moreover, wasted energy is another environmental pollutant that has severe implications on the planets, and up to date, wasted energy is increasing at an alarming rate. Therefore, before leaving the lights switched on 24/7, it is advisable to think whether it is of any significance

How long can LED Smart Light stay on?

LED strip lights have lingered widely held in the flea market for the past 50 years. LED light bulb comes in many tastes, color, and preferences. For example, there brighter bulbs and less bright, and others come in different sizes and lengths.

LED light bulbs are compatible with small space rooms and houses like the kitchen because they produce little heat. Therefore, LED strip bulbs can remain switched on 24/7. On the other hand, people should test their Lights before leaving them lighting for extra hours.

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