LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light Assembly OEM / ODM Services

MOKOLight can design the LED grow light according to your requirement. Our designers are well trained and highly skilled, they have yeas’ experience of developing, manufacturing and testing. A good LED light assembly solution is required to be customized with specialism, our engineers will provide you with a good solution according to your condition. Our factory is equipped with adequate testing devices, such as integrating Sphere and Spectrometer. Let’s work out the best led light solution!

How to Design Your LED Grow Light Assembly Board?


Our Engineers need to know how much power do you need, Power determines the Luminous flu, PAR, PPFD.

PPFD(A certain height)

Please offer reasonable PPFD, the PPFD will affect plant growth.

The Range of Spectrum

The spectrum affects all stages of plant growth. A reasonable spectrum will promote the rapid growth of plants. The spectrum has multi-spectrum and full-spectrum Customizing the spectrum requires selecting the appropriate led chip wavelength and color temperature.

LED Chip Type and Brand

Pls, tell us the led chip type and brand, for example, 3030, 2835, 3535 or others, Samsung, Osram, or another brand. We often use LM301B/H, Osram 660nm

LED Driver Voltage

Your LED driver’s voltage range, then we can design led board according to the led driver.

Plant Type

We have to know the plant type, then we can recommend suitable spectrum for you.

LED Grow Light Assembly Process

LED PCB Assembly process

High Quality Led Chip Partner

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