Why solar lights won’t shut off in daylight?

  • Controller: The controller is what receives the signal and controls when the light should light up. If you find that the indicator light on the controller doesn’t light up, you can try to rewire the controller or replace it.
  • Light sensor: The light sensor can change the resistance value according to the brightness of the surrounding light. But sometimes it will make the wrong judgment. You can try to reduce its sensitivity or replace it.
  • Solar panel: The controller makes the light light up when the voltage is low. And the more light solar panels receive, the higher the voltage. So there may be something wrong with the panel.

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What Others Are Asking

What kind of batteries are used in solar street lights?

The most popular batteries for solar street lights include lead-acid battery, colloid battery, Lithium-iron phosphate battery, and Ternary lithium battery. Lead-acid battery: The lead-acid battery

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