How do you make solar lights brighter?

The solar lights we bought work, but their light is too dim. Sometimes they are too dim to light up the roads. Is there any method to increase the brightness?
  • Choose the right wattage: The higher the wattage, the brighter the street light. Although LED lights with higher wattage are more expensive and consume more energy, sometimes you need them for sufficient lighting. Especially for the main roads, even in the countryside, you need to ensure the safety of the cars.
  • Lower the pole: If the light is closer to the ground, the light will be brighter. However, the area it can light up will be smaller. Besides, you need to make sure that no trees or buildings block the street light.
  • Maintain the light regularly: clean the solar panel and check if the battery works as normal. In this way, the street light can collect and store energy efficiently.

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