How can I make my solar lights work again?

Here are some common problems with solar lights and how to fix them:

  • Not bright enough and last for only a short period: Check if the battery is expired or broken down. Make sure that the capacity of the battery is enough for the street light.
  • Cannot charge or having a low efficiency: Check if there is something wrong with the solar panel. Clean the panel to make sure nothing blocks it.
  • Cannot work and adjust the brightness: Check if the controller works as normal. You should also check whether the parameter is right or not.
  • Not bright enough or cannot light up: Check if the LED light goes wrong. Make sure that the angle and position of the light are right for illuminating the road.

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What Others Are Asking

What kind of batteries are used in solar street lights?

The most popular batteries for solar street lights include lead-acid battery, colloid battery, Lithium-iron phosphate battery, and Ternary lithium battery. Lead-acid battery: The lead-acid battery

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