LED Parking Lot Lights: What Are The Benefits?

LED Parking Lot Lights What Are The Benefits

LED lights are widely used as the light source for outdoor lighting. For example, LED street lights are now replacing traditional HPS street lights to provide light that is more efficient and more suitable for outdoor lighting standards. Likewise, they have gradually replaced the old HID parking lot lights. In the old parking lot lighting design, the light is not sufficient, and in many areas, part of the light will be blocked. In the former passage, we provided an overall guide about how to set your parking lot lighting. We will talk about LED parking lot lights and their advantages at this passage. Let’s dive in!


Parking lot theft is a common problem in many countries. With so many cars parking together, there seem to be plenty of chances for thieves. What we can do is first keep them away from the parking lot, and if something does happen, we want to find out the suspects. So we need brighter light. If your budget is limited, LED lights are the ideal choice for your parking lot. At the same wattage, an LED light can provide light with higher lumens, which means brighter light. Besides, LED lights have a relatively high CRI, making the features of suspects more clear.

LED parking lot lights for safety

Long lifespan

LED light sources are famous for their long service lives, which are due to the little heat they generate while emitting light. LED lights usually consist of high-quality materials, so their lifespan can be as long as 10,000 hours. As long as the lights are regularly maintained, they will save you the money to replace them from time to time.


If the light is not uniform enough, it can affect the overall quality of the light in the whole parking lot. Unlike HID lights, LEDs have a thorough light distribution design. They can make the light shine on the area needed, while the light of HID lights cannot be controlled. For example, part of the light will shine on the back of the pole, wasting energy. With the distribution of light, we just need to place the LED lights to cover the dark places. It is absolutely a better method than adding a light between the original two lights.

Smart control

Sometimes for the sake of saving energy, sometimes for convenience, and sometimes for safety, people want to make their lights smart. It wouldn’t be better if the lights could light up as long as the night is drawing close or when someone is approaching. Different from traditional lights, LED lights have a whole system of smart control. Within the light head, there are devices like controllers, sensors, communication modules, etc. By sensing the surrounding environment, the light can send data to the remote monitoring system. In this way, the host can know the consumption of electricity, temperatures, and other related data. Then, through adjusting the brightness, setting the time to turn on and off the light, and a sensing mechanism, the LED parking lot lights can save energy to a great extent. At the same time, whenever there is any fault in the light, the host can detect it as soon as possible.

Environmentally friendly

Many HID lights contain mercury vapor to produce light. This may cause mercury pollution after the light breaks down. As HID lights, they have a relatively short lifespan, so you need to replace them frequently, adding to the amount of mercury pollution. LED lights, however, don’t rely on gas to produce light. And their components are of high quality, which saves material consumption for replacement.

maintenance of LED parking lot lights

Q & A about LED parking lot lights

How long do LED parking lot lights last?

LED parking lot lights are famous for their long lifespan, which can be over 50,000 hours. This time may vary depending on the quality of the LED lights you chose, how many times the cars accidentally hit the lights, the weather, etc. Generally speaking, LED lights have the longest lifespan among all light sources.

What wattage are parking lot lights?

There are two choices of lights to light up your parking lots. One is applying common LED street lights, and the other is choosing high mast lights. For a high mast light that is taller than 20 meters, the flood lights on it should be 200-300 W. As for LED street lights, the power is affected by height, distance between two lights, and so on. For a LED street light that is 6 to 8 meters high and when the distance is, for example, 20 to 25 meters, the power should be 60-120 W.

What is the distance between parking lot light poles?

The distance between two light poles is determined by many factors. For example, the power of the light, the height of the light, the placement of the light, etc. If the lights are only placed on one side of the road, what we need to do is make the lighting uniform. For a rough distance, you can refer to that of the LED street light. 8-meter-tall LED lights should have a distance of 20-24 meters, and for 12-meter-tall ones, the distance will be 32-36 meters.


People are changing their parking lot lights to LED lights because of their endless advantages. And only those lights provided by professional manufacturers can achieve the best performance. Mokolight has over 17 years of experience in the LED lighting industry. All the lights are produced in a factory that covers 12,400 square meters, with materials from top suppliers like Osram and Sumsang. We satisfy our customers with authoritative certifications like UL and RoHS, on-time delivery, and competitive prices. You will find the best LED light solutions at Mokolight!

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Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
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