Why do some street lights go off randomly and then turn back on?

It is really strange that there are always some of the street lights going off, and every time not the same one. Why does this happen?

It is a problem that will probably happen to the HPS street lights. The reasons include:

  • After the bulb works for a long time, the working voltage will gradually increase. When it exceeds the upper limit of the allowable value, the light can work as normal when the power supply voltage is normal and has no fluctuations. If the power supply voltage fluctuates and suddenly decreases even slightly, the bulb will immediately go out. When the power supply voltage returns to normal and the bulb cools to a certain extent, the light will turn on again.
  • For aging light bulbs, even if the power supply voltage is normal and has no fluctuations, the light bulb will frequently go out.
  • When there are problems with the connections in the circuit, the light bulb will flicker on and off.

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