Why are low pressure sodium lamps not used for street lighting in the USA and Canada?

I heard that low pressure sodium lamps are cheap, but it seems that in USA and Canada, most of the street lights are high pressure sodium lamps. What are the weakness of the low pressure sodium lamps?

Because LED and high pressure sodium lamps are better than low pressure sodium lamps. Low pressure sodium lamps are not as good as them for the following reasons:

  • Light efficiency: The efficiency of low pressure sodium lamps is about 50-100 lm/W, which is lower than that of LED lights.
  • CRI: Low pressure sodium lamps have a low CRI and emit yellow light. This light cannot provide clear vision.
  • Starting time: Low pressure sodium lamps have a long starting time, which can be up to 30 minutes. However, LED street lights can turn on instantly.

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What Others Are Asking

Why are street lamps so tall?

Some street lamps are taller than I imagine. Why don’t we make the light as short as possible to save the costs?

Should street lights be turned off at night?

I think turning street lights on for the whole night is a waste of energy. In the late night, there will be few vehicles and pedestrians. Why can’t we turn off the light at night?

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