Are all the bulbs in street lighting connected in series or parallel?

The street lights always light up at the same time. But if one breaks down, the others will still work. Then what kind of circuit is this, series or parallel?

They are connected in parallel. The voltage for every one of them is the same as the total voltage. If they are connected in series, once one light breaks down, the whole line of street lights will be influenced. To reduce this influence and ensure sufficient street lighting, the lights are connected in parallel. Even in parallel, they can still light up at the same time.

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What Others Are Asking

Are LED street lights dimmable?

Is the brightness of the LED street lights the same at all times or is it dimmable? I think if the brightness can change according to the time and traffic, it will save a lot of energy.

Why are street lights on all night?

I found that the street lights are actually on all night. But in the middle of the night, there are barely any cars or passengers. Doesn’t it waste the energy?

What are the different types of street lights?

I have heard about LED street lights, HPS street lights, and high pressure mercury street lights. And then I found that the poles also have different types. How many types of street lights are there?

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