Should street lights be turned off at night?

I think turning street lights on for the whole night is a waste of energy. In the late night, there will be few vehicles and pedestrians. Why can’t we turn off the light at night?

Whether street lights should be turned off at night depends on the specific needs of the city. Here are the pros and cons of turning off the street lights at night:


  • The blue light emitted by the street lights may affect people’s quality of sleep. Besides, it can also violate the lives of birds, bugs, and plants. If the light is too bright, it will pollute the night sky. Turning off the light can reduce these influences.
  • Save the energy.


  • The security of pedestrians cannot be guaranteed, especially for vulnerable groups.
  • It will be more dangerous to drive at night. Accidents will happen more frequently.

The compromise will be reducing the brightness of the street lights, which can be realized with LED street lights.

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