Why are street lights not orange anymore?

I remember that the street lights used to be orange, but most of the new changed LED street lights are white. Why did they change the color into white?

Because the related department has changed the old street lights into LED ones. Most of the traditional street lights are HPS lights, which emit light from sodium vapor, which is orange or yellow. The new LED street lights are designed to emit white light. Although LED lights themselves emit blue light, street lights can produce white light by using the phosphor on the lampshade. LED street lights can also change the color temperature and create warm white light, which is similar to orange light and protects our eyes.

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What Others Are Asking

Do LED street lights affect sleep?

There is a street light near my house which is very bright and the light always shines through the window at night. I cannot sleep very well. Is it the influence of the street light?

How can street lights be smart?

I heard that there is a new type of smart street lights, which can do a lot of things. How did they make the traditional street lights smart? By adding special modules?

How are the street lights arranged?

I am curious about the way street lights are arranged. Is it regulated by the government, or is it designed by software?

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