How to prevent Street lights from overheating?

I bought a new street light but can only let it work for several hours because it may get overheated. Is there any way to improve the performance of the street light?
  • Heat dissipation design: Heat sinks, radiators, cooling fans and other heat dissipation devices can be used to quickly dissipate heat.
  • Optimization of heat dissipation structure: By optimizing the heat dissipation structure, such as increasing the number and area of heat sinks, increasing the number and speed of cooling fans, etc., the heat dissipation performance will be better.
  • Temperature control: Install temperature sensors and controllers to monitor the temperature of the LED lights. Then you can adjust the brightness and working status of the lights as needed.
  • Environmental heat dissipation: When installing LED street lights, avoid blocking the lamps and maintain surrounding air circulation.
  • Reduce power: Reduce the power of LED lights to reduce heat generation.

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