Are LED street lights better?

The application of LED street lights is supported by so many countries. Are them really better than the traditional street lights? Why?

LED street lights are better compared with traditional street lights like HPS street lights for the following reasons:

  • LED lamps have lower maintenance costs and energy consumption. Their illuminating efficiency is high, so compared with traditional street lights, LEDs can reduce energy consumption by about 40%. At the same time, because the lumen output of the HPS lamps will decrease year by year, they must be replaced at least every five years. The life of LED lamps is three to four times longer than HPS ones, so the cost of replacing lamps is saved.
  • The luminaire construction is more reasonable. Due to the progress of optical lenses, LED lights emit brighter and more uniform light. LED is packaged with epoxy resin, so it is more solid than traditional street lights.
  • The CRI of LED lights can reach more than 80, while that of HPS lamps is only 20-30. LED street lights emit light that is closer to natural light. The human eye is better able to distinguish things in this case, which is conducive to driving safety.

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