What Kind of Plants Thrive in Winter?

Long winter is coming. What kinds of plants can thrive indoors?

The plants listed will thrive successfully inside your home if they face south or receive a lot of sunlight throughout the winter.

Leafy Greens

Growing nutritious vegetables like spinach, kale, and lettuce in the winter is a very easy and practical task. The best way to grow them indoors during the winter is to preserve them as baby greens. However, you might be able to mature them through the winter or spring if you’re ready to use supplemental grow lights for ten to twelve hours every day.


Sage, basil, thyme, etc. Since you can grow them in small places and still achieve very high yields, herbs are among the easiest plants to grow indoors.

Cherry Tomatoes

They seem to be fairly prevalent among gardeners, both indoors and out, yet they’re not that easy to cultivate and thrive. For them to flower, they need lots of heat and sunlight. These plants need about 16 hours of artificial lighting every day, so throughout the winter, they would undoubtedly need it to support their growth. The daytime and nighttime temperatures must also be quite warm for them to survive.

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