How Do I Measure the Efficiency of LED Grow Lights? Wattage or Lumens?

I am considering buying LED grow lights, but am not sure how to measure their efficiency, by wattage or lumen?

By contrasting LED with HPS, we can find out the answer. HPS was frequently utilized as supplemental lighting before LED became popular. One approach to assess its efficiency is to consider its lumens. The efficiency increases as the lumen value increases. However, in terms of LED grow lights, lumens cannot determine LED efficiency; instead, they just indicate the brightness that can be seen by human eyes.

As is common knowledge, LED produces a certain spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. Therefore LED grow lights have nothing to do with lumens. So how can we measure the efficiency of LED grow lights? The total wattage of the LED grow light can be used to calculate the light’s efficiency. The intensity of the grow light increases as the wattage of the LED increases, which also denotes more power.

A 150 watt LED grow light, for instance, can produce PPFD in the range of 400–700 μmol/m²/s, whereas an 800 watt LED grow light can produce PPFD in the range of 1000–1600 μmol/m²/s.


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