Can LED Grow Lights Burn My Plants?

Plants can be burned if grow lights are utilized improperly.

As LED grow lights normally don’t emit a large amount of UV radiation and visible light isn’t strong enough to cause damage. So the burn would have to result from infrared light, that is heat. As we all know, LED grow lights don’t produce much of that. With incandescent bulbs, this would be a bigger worry. So the burns under LED grow light happened mainly due to the improper distance between the plant and lighting.

The amount of airflow in the grow room also has an impact on whether or not a nearby light may burn a plant. The likelihood of any burning is reduced if a fan is continuously fanning the heat from the light source away from the crops.

However, under normal circumstances, the risky conditions that lead to plant burning won’t exist in a grow room run by a competent individual.

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