How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Need?

My plants have less access to direct sunlight, therefore I'll need a grow light. I've never used grow lights before, so how much light are my indoor plants supposed to need?

There is no absolute standard because different plants have different requirements. There are certain general guidelines to remember, though.

Low-light Houseplants

These plants, such as Pothos, Philodendron and English ivy, thrive in corners or windows that face north. They require minimal direct sunlight. To thrive, these plants require 10-15 watts, or roughly 50-250 lumens per square foot.

Medium-light Houseplants

These plants are best suited to windows that face east or west. For optimum growth, they require 15-20 watts, or roughly 250–1,000 lumens per square foot. Typical medium-light plants include Spider plant, Jade, and Fiddle leaf fig.

High-light Houseplants

High-light plants thrive in windows with a south or south-west orientation since they need direct sunlight to grow. In order to thrive, they require more than 20 watts or more than 1,000 lumens per square foot. Highlighting plants include Citrus, Cactus, Succulents, and so on.

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