How do I know when my LED grow lights need to be replaced?

How do I know my lights are working improperly?

Check for the following items:

  • Brightness: LED grow lights will gradually lose their brightness. If you notice that your plants aren’t growing as well as they once did, it means you should change your light fixture.
  • Color: If there is a color shift in your LED grow light, it might be time to replace the lights.
  • Heat: If your LED grow lights are becoming too hot, both the lights and your plants may suffer harm.
  • Flickering: If your LED grow lights begin to blink or flicker, it is preferable to replace the lights in this situation.

LEDs all have light decay. To make sure that your plants continue to receive the light they require for healthy growth, it is wise to replace your lights if you observe any of the aforementioned signs.

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