Can I Grow Marijuana Just Using Sunlight from the Window?

I put my marijuana plants in the south-facing windows. Can they just grow in that condition?

You CAN, but without additional illumination, you won’t get very far. There won’t be many or any large buds.

It is imperative to ascertain whether your plants are photoflower or autoflowering. You’ll perform better with an autoflower. Their growth and bloom are independent of the cycles of light. When the time is right, they will bloom.

For a photoflower to bloom, there is a specific amount of light needed. To compel them to blossom, most people employ 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. They won’t bloom until they get that light ratio; they will merely keep growing. This explains why a mother plant can be kept in veg for many years without ever blooming.

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