How much energy do LED street lights save?

Everyone tells me LED street lights are energy-saving. How much energy can they save?

Compared with the high pressure sodium street lights, the LED street lights can save 65% of the energy. The reason is that LED lights have a high luminous efficiency, which means that for the same brightness, LED lights need fewer watts than the high pressure sodium lights. LED lights are a cold light source, so they will not emit too much heat while lighting. Therefore, most of the energy is used to produce light.

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What Others Are Asking

Why are there so few street lights in the countryside?

I live in the countryside, and at night there is little street lighting, making it quite inconvenient. When I get into the city, there are more street lights. Why don’t they set more street lights in the countryside?

Why are new LED street lights blue?

I live in America and I find some blue LED street lights. I don’t understand the purpose of setting these lights. Why do they make the light blue?

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