What Happens When You Leave Your Grow Lights On 24/7?

I'm a new grower, 17 (on) & 7 (off) is one of the typical "schedules" I highly recommend for grow lights. I assume the purpose of this is to mimic a natural cycle of day and night, but I've often wondered what would happen if you grow plants under nonstop sunlight. Is it a poor plan? Thanks!

It will cause a problem if your lights are on 24 hours a day.

No Rest for Your Plants

It’s true that you can turn your lights on 24/7. You’ll see faster plant growth. However, if you leave them on nonstop for a couple of days, your plants will progressively become weaker. They won’t develop as quickly, and they’ll be more prone to illness.

Consider it this way. Humans are capable of going the entire night without sleeping. We accomplish more. We can also do it several days in a succession. But as time passes, we become weaker. We should sleep right away. Your plants also require downtime. During the darkness, your plants stop photosynthesis and concentrate only on breathing. They require it to develop correctly. They convert the carbohydrates made during photosynthesis into energy when they breathe. Your plants fuel numerous living processes with this energy, oxygen, and nutrients.

Additional Costs

It costs more to keep your lights on all the time. You are responsible for paying for the electricity used to run the lights, as well as any other running appliances you may have in your grow tent, including fans and air conditioners. Also, you’ll need to replace bulbs more frequently.

Shorten the Lifespan

Leaving the lights on all night also signifies that the fixture is operating nonstop and continuously. Consequently, they are more stressed out and have shorter lifespans. I bet you want your lights to last as long as possible because they are quite pricey.

Increased Heat

Continuously running your lights produces extra heat. This necessitates running fans and other cooling equipment continuously. Additionally, it implies that your plants won’t experience the cooler nights they might otherwise anticipate. Your plants may be burned in the long term.

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