Can I grow pot without a tent and just LED grow lights in a basement?

I only have a 300W LED, is a tent necessary for my weeds?

You can, but you won’t get the best outcome.

You need to consider:


A 77° to 80°F temperature is what you need to create if you don’t have a tent, as any lower or higher will cause the plant to wither.


Clones require 100% humidity, so you’ll need an aircloner and a covered germination setup (you may use plastic containers for this). Young seedlings will perish if the humidity falls below 90–80%.


Your weeds require clean, fresh air on a regular basis. Thus, a fresh air intake is necessary. Without it, you risk developing mold and other issues. In order to cool your grow, you need an intake inline fan that draws air into a duct and blows it into the grow. An exhaust system that blasts it out is also required. The system is a closed loop. And for that reason, the majority of growers choose a tent.

Reflect light

the walls must be painted white to reflect light; otherwise, you will be wasting money on lighting. Anything you discover can be used, be it an old fridge, a wardrobe, or a chest freezer to be in place of a tent.

CO2 enrichment

Large plants require CO2 enrichment. Beer, whisky mash, or just sugar water and yeast can be used to do it. If you have a lot of money, you can also purchase bottled CO2.

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