What Causes LED Grow Lights to Burn Plants?

Generally speaking, a grow light shouldn’t make you too worry about burning your crops. You should learn how to avoid giving your plants burns in the first place because it still might happen.

Grow lights typically burn plants for one of three reasons: they are either too close to the plant, have an excessively high intensity, or are poorly made.

Close Distance Between the Plant and the Light Source

Positioning your grow light too close to the crops is the main culprit of burns. Grow lights produce heat, which damages the leaves of your plant and reduces their ability to absorb light. The damage will ultimately get worse, causing the plant to finally die and have dry or withering leaves.

Outdoor plants are sufficiently far from the sun’s rays so that the sunlight may do little harm. However, sunshine can generate enough heat to burn some plants in harsher climes and in the absence of shade. Similar to sunlight, grow lights may cause our plants to burn. You should adjust your grow lights if they are too close to your plants. Your light is likely too close to the crops if they are hot to the touch or if the soil is constantly drying up.

High Intensity

The intensity of your grow light may also be set too high, which could be another cause of your plants’ burning. You may use the light with adjustable settings to change the intensity. Your plants are much more prone to burn if you set a high intensity.

If the grow light you have isn’t adjustable for intensity, it’s probably too close to your plants and needs to be placed farther away. Additionally, keep in mind that some grow lights are more powerful than others. For instance, compared to fluorescent and HPS grow lights, LED grow lights are typically more effective and produce less heat.

Long-running grow lights are probably going to get much hotter. Grow lights must be turned off frequently to offer your plants the much-needed respite from the light and heat. Just make sure your plants continue to receive the needed light to flourish.

Using ill-made LED Grow Lights

There are many types of LED grow lights available, some of which may be flawed. A poorly made grow light can cause burns and sparse plant development. Do your research before buying a grow light. Read the reviews to search for any potential issues and to get a complete understanding of how the product functions.


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