What Are the Common Types of LED Grow Lights?

There are so many LED options available on the market. What are the common ones?

Depending on the technology employed, LED grow lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Chip-on-Board LED Grow Lights (COB)

COB LEDs are a great choice if you’re looking for a grow light that offers a full spectrum. Without having to worry about changing the spectrum, you can use them for the entire plant growth stage.

LEDs are packed closely together on a single board in COB LED grow lights. They are able to deliver consistent lighting throughout the indoor garden thanks to these designs. Additionally, it reduces hotspots and shading to make sure that all plants receive an equal amount of light.

Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

Large circuit boards with a lot of tiny LEDs are found in quantum board LED grow lights. Since they often have a low profile, the light can reach lower leaves and branches and travel further into the canopy.

Additionally, they generate less heat compared with previous LED models or conventional lights. This decreased heat output contributes to the maintenance of a climate that is more conducive to plant growth, decreasing the need for extra cooling apparatus.

Besides, certain quantum board LEDs have controls for spectrum and intensity. So you can adjust the light output to meet the needs of particular plants.

High-Intensity LED Grow Lights

For plants that require a lot of PAR, high-intensity LED growth lights are ideal. They can produce a lot of light to promote healthy plant growth. For this reason, they are perfect for industrial production.

High-intensity LED grow lights are also offered in a variety of designs, including panels, bars, and modules. So High-Intensity LED Grow Lights can be tailored to the size and layout of your growing rooms due to their various designs.


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