Is UV Light Necessary for Indoor Plants?

What is the effect of UV light on plant growth in LED grow lights? Do I need to buy an LED containing UV light?

Without UV light, indoor plants can still develop, but they would do better if they had access to some UV radiation. A variety of elements of plant growth and development, including the production of flowers and fruits, disease resistance, and plant health, are influenced by UV radiation, especially UV-A and UV-B.

The impact of UV on cannabis and hemp is a controversial topic. Some claim it boosts flavonoids and THC, while others argue it doesn’t help at all.

A small body of studies indicates that UV application should occur at night. Blue light aids in the activation of enzymes that repair DNA and other internal plant components that have been damaged. According to the theory, applying UV while also being exposed to blue light lessens the impact of the UV application. UV light applied at night won’t impact the photoperiod because it is outside of the PAR range.

Since UV light is typically absent from indoor settings, many indoor gardeners utilize artificial grow lights with UV wavelengths to simulate sunlight.

In conclusion, even though indoor plants may survive without UV light, giving them UV light can encourage more robust and healthy growth. Different plants have different lighting needs, therefore it’s vital to conduct your research and pick the appropriate light recipe for your indoor garden.

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