How to Grow Hibiscus Indoors?

I got Chinese Hibiscus from my friends. I want to grow them in my home. Any tips?

Ensure Sufficient Lighting

They need strong sunshine, high humidity, and warm temperatures to flourish. This can be accomplished by utilizing an LED grow light or by positioning your hibiscus close to a window that faces south.

Water and Fertilize Regularly

Keep the soil damp but not soggy. Water Hibiscus plants when the top inch of soil feels dry, and ensure the pot has enough drainage. Hibiscus plants require frequent fertilization(every two weeks) in order to develop healthily and produce bright flowers.

Keep the Humidity at the Right Levels.

Maintaining the right humidity levels is crucial since hibiscus plants prefer humid settings. To raise the humidity levels around the plant, either use a humidifier or put a tray of water close by. Your hibiscus plant may suffer from dry air caused by air conditioning or heating vents, so keep it away from them.

Trim Often

Pruning your hibiscus plant on a regular basis will encourage new growth and help keep it healthy. Pinch back the tips of the plant and remove any dead or yellowing leaves to enhance branching. Pruning hibiscus plants is another way to manage their size and form.

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