How should I dispose of LED grow lights properly?

I just updated my red/blue LED grow light to a full spectrum one. How to deal with my old light?

Here are some tips for properly disposing of your LED grow lights to reduce their environmental impact:

  • Consult the recycling facility in your area: It’s worth contacting your local recycling center to find out whether they will take in LED grow lights for recycling.
  • Seek out electronics recycling initiatives: A lot of manufacturers have electronic device recycling initiatives in place, including those for LED grow lights. Ask them if your neighborhood electronics retailers provide this service.
  • Speak with your manufacturers: It’s worth contacting the manufacturer to find out if they have any solutions available since some LED grow lamp manufacturers offer recycling and disposal services for their goods.

More importantly, avoid just tossing them in the regular trash because they may contain dangerous components that could cause environmental harm.

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