How Long Does it Take to Fully Grow a Marijuana Plant?

I want to grow some marijuana plants at home for personal use. How long do they flower?

As cannabis plants grow, they go through various stages, and each one requires a certain amount of water, nutrients, and light.

It can take anything from 10 to 32 weeks, or around 3 to 8 months, to grow a marijuana plant from seed. The vegetative stage, which comes after the seedling phase but before blooming, is when marijuana plants grow at their fastest rate.

Marijuana growth phases, from seed to harvest, fall into four categories:

  • Germination: 3–10 days
  • Seedling: 2–3 weeks
  • Vegetative phase: 3–16 weeks
  • Flowering phase: 8–11 weeks

If a marijuana plant is small, it can be forced to blossom as soon as a few weeks; if it is large, it will take many weeks. If you grow plants outdoors, you will have to wait for them to flower and then harvest.

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