How far should the grow light be from the dragon fruit?

New to indoor growing. What is the appropriate distance between the grow light and the dragon fruit?

Here is a general guide.


It is advised to maintain a distance of 12-18 inches between the lighting and the dragon fruit plant during this phase. This distance ensures adequate light intensity for healthy growth while assisting in the prevention of light burn.

Vegetative Stage

You can progressively reduce the distance between the plant and the light source as it becomes larger and moves into the vegetative stage. Keep your distance from the plant at about 6-12 inches. This closer distance guarantees sufficient light penetration and intensity.

Flowering and Fruit Stage

Put your light above the dragon fruit at 6-12 inches during this phase. This close proximity contributes to the light intensity required for fruit maturation, pollination, and flower production. During this phase, it’s critical to keep a constant eye on the plant to ensure it’s not under any stress or light burn.

Keep in mind that the ideal distance can change based on your dragon fruit plant’s growth characteristics, the particular light source, and its intensity. Keep a close eye on how the plant reacts to the light and adjust when necessary. Remember that different dragon fruit cultivars could require different amounts of light. So it’s crucial to take your plant’s particular needs into account.

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