Smart Outdoor Lighting: How to Choose The Right One


When you start decorating the inner space of your house, you will naturally notice that the exterior space is not bright enough either. And there are more things you can do except for lighting it up so that you can find your key faster. We want our home to look wonderful, colorful, and stylish, so we need smart outdoor lighting. By reading this article, you will be able to find the best outdoor smart lights that will amaze your friends the next time they visit your home. Let’s get to it now!

Different types of smart outdoor lighting

Spotlights for smart outdoor lighting

Spotlights are relatively small in size and are usually used in groups to produce delightful lights. You can choose to install them on the ground to light up your courtyard, garden, and statues, or on the wall for your eaves and walls. In a group of several spotlights, each of them can emit light of a different color to illuminate, for example, different trees. And you can control separate lights on your phone at any time.

Wall lights for smart outdoor lighting

This common outdoor light has more types and functions. Dusk-to-dawn lights work when the sun rises and turn off when the night is approaching. Smart lights with motion sensors will turn on if someone comes. And now we have wall lamps that can emit light both from above and below for better lighting.


Landscape lights for smart outdoor lighting

Smart landscape lights are relatively large and can be a part of the landscape. Like smart street lights, they can light up automatically when sensing the motion of people over a relatively long distance. Some make use of solar energy and are environmentally friendly. They can be used in gardens and on streets to help beautify various spaces. Though they are smart lights, there is not much difference between them and common landscape lights when it comes to installing them.


How to choose smart outdoor lighting products


Except for emitting vivid colors, smart outdoor lights are also part of the illumination outside. When you don’t need it to display different colors and light effects, it becomes a smart white LED light. So brightness is worth considering. By the way, RGBW smart lights emit purer white light than RGB ones because RGB light achieves white light by combining. When you shop for an LED smart light, you can judge whether the LED light is bright or not depending on the luminous flux, whose unit is lm.

Temperatures of light

First, you can check if the smart outdoor light can change the temperature of the light or not. The common temperatures for outdoor lights are from 2000K to 6000K. Different temperatures create various atmospheres and change the mood of people. For example, when the temperature is between 3000K and 6000K, people will feel relaxed, while temperatures over 6000K will seem too cold. With smart outdoor lights, you can change the temperature of the light in a convenient way and only need one light.


You may know that there are many ways to connect the outdoor smart lights with your controlling devices. You can choose WiFi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee according to what is important to you. If you want a light that consumes little energy, Zigbee ones may be a wise choice, though you will need a hub to connect. WiFi smart lights have a faster speed to transfer information, and Bluetooth ones are more affordable.


Besides changing the temperature of light, creating diverse colors is also one of the main features of smart outdoor lights. By operating the applications, you can change the light colors freely into over 16 million different ones. It is useful when you want to hold activities, light up landscapes in your garden, and switch your mood. For functional smart LED lights, they can not only change colors according to your instructions but also change colors automatically by judging the surrounding light. Whether it can perform numerous light effects should also be taken into account.



Being an outdoor light, waterproofing is a necessity. Your smart outdoor lights should fulfill a waterproof standard such as IP65. If they have poor performance in waterproofing, they cannot protect the electrical components efficiently, which will lead to the breakdown of the lights. It will be troublesome to maintain and exchange the lights from time to time, which will make it not worth it.


For many people, they would like to make use of the accessories they already have to save money. Then you need to pay attention to the compatibility of the light. If you are buying a smart light that needs a hub to connect, you can test if it can work with the hub you already have at home. And by saying compatibility, it can also mean its compatibility with your phone. Check if the smart lights can be controlled by the application you use for other devices.


A smart light can have many functions that you haven’t imagined before, and that is why we buy them. Helpful functions of outdoor smart lights include motion sensing, automatic adjustment of the angle of light, linkage with monitoring equipment, etc. Having a smart light that welcomes you home and protects the safety of you and your family really seems cool.


Alternative plans for smart outdoor lighting

One frequently asked question is how to turn outdoor lights I already have into smart lights. Here are several methods for your refit:

  1. Smart bulbs: Nowadays, the installation of smart bulbs is quite easy, and to change the old lights into smart ones, you only need to screw in a smart light bulb. Smart bulbs are the basis of outdoor lamps, so they can meet your needs for smart outdoor lighting.
  2. Smart switches:Smart switches are a cheaper choice, and you can use them for most of your light fixtures. And some switches are designed to be wireless, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of the cables. But they can only turn on and off the light, which makes them not as functional as the light bulbs or fixtures.

Smart Outdoor Lighting at Mokolight

Mokolight provides different kinds of smart outdoor lights that have numerous functions at an ideal price. We are the leader in the LED industry and have worked hard for more than 16 years. Choose one among all the products we produce in our own factory and that have gone through multiple professional tests. Besides, our products have also obtained certifications like CE, RoHS, BSCI, etc. Our on-time delivery and 24/7 customer service will be sure to provide you with a satisfying experience. Contact us right away!

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Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
Adelyn Ward
Adelyn Ward
Master of Science; professional electronic engineer with over 7 years of experience in electronic design and engineering projects; proven expertise of LED manufacturing processes, capable of communicating intricate ideas to a broad range of audiences. Reach Me Now>>
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